The Roller Coaster Story by Oliva

Oliva Barrio
3º ESO A, 2011-2012
Ì.E. "V. Cañada Blanch¨ London

Ì climbed into the seat just before the buggy moved off. Ì pulled down the bar as the
vehicle sped up, the music began, the lights flashed and it moved faster and faster.
The rollercoaster was beginning to move backwards when suddenly it stopped.
Ì waited a few minutes and it still didn't move, the people in the seats got scared and
so was Ì. But Ì didn't panic; Ì knew it was going to start moving shortly. And it did, the
ride continued its way as normal and everyone enjoyed it.
When the ride finished, we all climbed down from the seats. Ì noticed a man who
was sitting next to me. He was weird, in the sense that during the ride and before
climbing into his seat, he had looked at every detail of the rollercoaster: the seats,
the buggy, the bars, etc. and he didn't shout or smile at all.
After the ride, Ì went to have a milkshake, not just any, but my favourite strawberry
milkshake 'Mm..! Delicious' the thing was that Ì couldn't get that man out of my
head. He looked so suspicious. Ì needed to find out about him. So Ì went to look for
him, and Ì found him near to the same rollercoaster.
He was looking at it and he also had a notebook in which he was writing things. Ìt
seemed that he was looking for an answer 'but what?' Ì got near him but Ì tripped
over and Ì spilt the milkshake all over him. He looked at me angrily. Ì didn't know
what to do so Ì ran away.
Then Ì went and sat on a bench and relaxed for a little while. Moments later
someone threw a milkshake all over me. Ìt was that man! AGAÌN! Ì guessed it was
just revenge. He did the same thing that Ì did, he ran away, but he dropped his wallet
on the way.
Ì picked it up and looked at his Ì.D. Ì took a business card out of his wallet, it wasn't a
normal card it was quite odd. Then Ì realised why he looked suspicious, he was a
spy trying to figure out if the rollercoaster was in good condition.
After all of this, Ì was so tired that Ì decided to leave the wallet in reception and go
home. The next day Ì decided to go to a better place. Ì went to a relaxing place
where you don't have to worry about anything: the beach.