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English Grammar 2

English Grammar 2

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Published by: Alex Marin on Nov 25, 2011
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Las preposiciones normalmente preceden a los nombres o pronombres. Sin
embargo, en dos construcciones se puede poner la preposicion al final de la frase

en ingles coloquial.

1. En las preguntas que empiezan con una preposicion + whom/which/what/

• To whom were you talking? (formal)
• Whom/who were you talking to? (informal)
• In which drawer do you keep it? (formal)
• Which drawer do you keep it in? (informal)

Antfguamente se consideraba una falta gramatical el terminar la frase con una
preposicion, pero hoy en dia se acepta como cosa normal, sobre todo

2. De la misma manera, en las oraciones de relative una preposicion que se
coloca delante de whom/which se puede poner al final de la oracion. En ese caso

se omite el pronombre relative:

• The people with whom I was travelling, (formal)
• The people I was travelling with, (informal)
• The company from which I hired the car. (formal)
• The company I hired my car from, (informal)

Sin embargo, en los 'phrasal verbs' la preposicion o adverbio se mantiene detras
del verbo, asf que no se puede hacer una construccion formal de este tipo de

• The children she was looking after. No se podrfa escribir (after whom)
• Which bridge did you blow up? no se podrfa escribir (up which)

Mas ejemplos:



• Who/whom are you going with?

• With whom are you going?

• What are you looking at?

At what are you looking?

• Who/whom should I apply to?

To whom should I apply?

• Which town will you live in?

In which town will you live?

A veces hacemos preguntas cortas con preposiciones:

• I'm off on holiday tomorrow.

Where to?

• Can you mix these two?

What with?

• I'm going out this evening.

Who with?


1. En este ejercicio vas a convertir frases 'formales' en 'informales'.

Example: From where are you? Where are you from?

1. From where is that vase?

2. From which country do you come?

3. For whom did you buy it?

4. With whom are you going to travel?

5. For whom are you working?

6. To whom are you listening?

7. On what does your father insist?

8. About what were you talking?

9. From where did you buy that?

10. About whom are you speaking?

11. In which pocket did you put it?

12. From which company did you hire the TV set?

13. In which school did you study?

14. This is the man to whom I gave the map

2. Ahora vas a hacer lo contrario.

Example: This is the job I applied for. This is the job for which I applied.

1. That's the man I talked to

2. Who where you speaking about?

3. What should we talk about?

4. What shall I beat these eggs with?

5. Who is this parcel for?

6. Is that the company you hired the car from?

7. Who are you looking at?

8. Who did you go out with?

9. Where is she from?

10. Those are the people I was travelling with.

11. This is the company I want to work with.

12.That's the house I'd like to live in.

13. Where is she speaking from?

14. I'm going away. - Who with?




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