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Published by: jjfux on Nov 26, 2011
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  • Playing the Keyboard
  • Setting Up the Clavinova
  • Music Rest
  • CVP-309 grand piano type
  • Sheet Music Braces
  • (CVP-309 grand piano type)
  • Using Headphones
  • Changing the Display Language
  • Display Settings
  • *Memory Cards
  • Playing the Demos
  • Operations in the Basic Displays
  • Operation of the Main Display
  • Operation of the File Selection Display
  • Operation of the Function Display
  • Playing Voices
  • Playing the Piano Voice
  • Playing Various Voices
  • Practicing with the Preset Songs
  • Playing Back Songs Before Practicing
  • One-handed Practice with the Guide Lamps
  • Practicing with the Repeat Playback Function
  • Recording Your Performance
  • Connecting a Microphone
  • Singing with the Lyrics Display
  • Convenient Functions for Karaoke
  • Trying Out the Basic Features (Help)
  • The Messages Shown in the Display
  • Main Display
  • File/Folder Operations in the File Selection Display
  • Restoring the Factory-programmed Settings
  • Restoring the Factory-programmed System
  • Data Backup
  • Using, Creating and Editing Voices
  • Voice Characteristics
  • Playing Different Voices Simulta- neously
  • Keyboard Parts (Right 1, Right 2, Left)
  • Selecting the iAFC Type and Adjusting the Depth
  • Calibrating the iAFC Settings
  • Changing Pitch
  • Transpose
  • Fine-tuning the Pitch of the Entire Instrument
  • Scale Tuning
  • Basic Procedure
  • Voice Creating (Sound Creator)
  • Creating Your Original Organ Flutes Voices
  • Style Characteristics
  • Selecting a Chord Fingering Type
  • Style Playback-related Settings
  • Convenient Music Finder feature
  • Searching the Records
  • Creating a Set of Favorite Records
  • Editing Records
  • Saving the Record
  • Style Creator
  • Style Structure
  • Creating a Style
  • Editing the Created Style
  • Saving the Registered Panel Setups
  • Recalling the Registered Panel Setups
  • Compatible Song Types
  • Operations for Song Playback
  • Using the Practice Function (Guide)
  • Selecting the Guide Function Type
  • Recording Methods
  • Editing a Recorded Song
  • Using a Microphone
  • Editing Vocal Harmony Parameters
  • Talk Setting
  • Connecting the Instrument to the Internet
  • Accessing the Special Clavinova Website
  • Accessing the Special Clavinova Website
  • Scrolling the Display
  • Following Links
  • Entering Characters
  • Return to the Previous Web Page
  • Purchasing and Downloading Data
  • Saving Bookmarks of Your Favorite Pages
  • Changing the Home Page
  • About the Internet Settings Display
  • Initializing Internet Settings
  • Glossary of Internet Terms
  • Using Headphones ([PHONES] jacks)
  • Connecting Audio & Video Devices
  • Connecting a Computer or USB Device
  • What is MIDI?
  • What You Can Do With MIDI
  • MIDI Settings
  • Pre-Programmed MIDI Templates
  • MIDI System Settings
  • MIDI Transmit Settings
  • MIDI Receive Settings

From the special Clavinova website, you can audition and purchase Song data,
among other things. To access the site, press the [E] (INTERNET) button in the Main
display, while the instrument is connected to the Internet.

To close the website display and return to the operation display of the instrument,
press the [EXIT] button.

Operations in the Special Clavinova

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