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Items to be taken care of and improved Các h ng m c c n kh c ph c t i NMðT

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Block fabrication
Miss hole at Water tight Bhd in D/Btm C t nh m l trên ñà ngang kín nư c Consideration Point ði m c n lưu ý The problem was that the size of renewed hole is too small and no edge preparation made for welding. Action taken: renewed hole size was increased with a size of 300mm& beveling. -Repair inserts are to be min.200mm diameter and 300 x300mm with a radius corner of 100mm or 5x t. L quá nh và không vát mép hàn S a ch a b ng t m chèn kích thư c 300 mm và có vát mép Tiêu chu n t m chèn là t m có ñư ng kính t i thi u 200 mm ho c 300x300 mm v i ñư ng kính góc lư n là 100 mm hoăc 5xt

Block fabrication

Wrong Fit –up and welding method L p và hàn không h p lý

Consideration Point Lưu ý The main hull structure like Bhd and deck etc… to be made full penetration weld, but in this case, no gap for root pass welding and no back gouging was arranged. •All joint configurations at main structure should be followed up as per approved welding procedures. K t c u chính như vách boong vv.. Ph i ñư c hàn ng u. Trong trư ng hơp này thì không co khe h chân, không dũi lưng. •T t c các liên k t t i k t c u quan tr ng ph i tuân th quy trình hàn ñư c duy t.

Block fabrication
Big gap for fillet welding, partial and full pene.welding Khe h m i hàn góc, góc không ng u h t và ng u toàn ph n Consideration Point Lưu ý

Gap for welding is too big, this will result in more high heat in put. Repair method depends on gap to be followed up as per yard standard, Khe hơ quá l n d n ñ n nhi t hàn l n. Phương pháp s a ch a ph thu c vào tiêu chu n nhà máy,

Block fabrication
Welding at stay for Hatch coaming Hàn t i mã mi ng qu y h m hàng Consideration Point Lưu ý No gap and gouging was arranged for welding. Welding at stay for hatch coaming to be made full penetration. ---- but HL02- as given our comments during WPM, this problem is still not taken corrective action. Không có khe h chân, cũng không dũi lưng Hàn t i t m m t mã thành qu y ph i ng u ----nhưng tàu HL02- v n ñ này v n chưa ñư c c i thi n, măc dù ñã ñưa lên trong cu c h p hàng tu n.

Block and erection stage

Beveling at Bkts Vát mép hàn c nh mã

Consideration Point Lưu ý Beveling at Bkts on hopper top, tank top iwo stool and saddle area were not arranged at block stage. -Drawing to be checked when block is fabricated. Vát mép c nh mã t i liên k t m n và hông, chân chân vách v i ñáy ñôi không vát mép giai ño n t ng ño n. - Kiêm tra b n v c a t ng ño n bên c nh ñ gia công giai ño n block

Block stage

Full penetration weld Hàn ng u

Consideration Point Lưu ý Partial penetration weld was made at stern tube block ( side shell to centre girder) -Full penetration weld is to be arranged. Ng u không hoàn toàn ñã ñư c ap dung t i tông ño n ông bao chân v t -Ph i áp d ng m i hàn ng u hoàn toàn (gi a mo v và t m d c tâm)

Block fabrication and erection

Repairing welding at both block and erection stage S a ch a b ng hàn ñáp

Consideration Point Lưu ý Short bead welds are created with crater cracks, and given instruction that at least 30mm for mild ,50mm for Hitensile steel plates are to be applied. ðo n hàn ñ p quá ng n d t o n t trên b m t, khuy n cáo là chúng ph i dài t i thi u 30 ~ 50 mm cho thep thư ng, 50 mm cho thép mac cao

Block fabrication and erection

Wide weaving beads ðư ng hàn quá r ng

Consideration Point Lưu ý Wide weaving is out of range of approved welding parameters. i.e.25mm for flat position ,20mm for vertical up position. Tư th hàn b ng r ng không quá 25 mm, tư th hàn neo ñ ng không hơn 25 mm

Block fabrication

Beveling – Fit up Vát mép – N p ráp

Consideration Point Lưu ý Beveling at saddle in top wing tank area was not kept gap for root pass welding. -This was gouged and rewelded. - and extended UT in this type of joint is required Hàn t m nghiêng ñ nh m n v i s ng ngang không có khe hơ chân -Ph i dui ra hàn l i -Ki m tra l i bang siêu âm

Block Fabrication

Beveling – Fit – up Vát mép – N p ráp

Consideration Point Lưu ý Welded at one side and welded at opposite side without gouging out after turning it over. -Basically, root gap to be kept ( 8-12mm) for one side welding or automatic welding at both side to be applied. Hàn m t phía và c u l t hàn lưng - V cơ b n, nên áp d ng hàn lót s ( chân r ng 8~12mm ). Ho c hàn t ñ ng hai phía

Block stage

Distance between lighting hole and slot hole Kho ng cách l chui, l gi m tr ng và l thông cơ c u

Consideration Point Lưu ý Distance between lighting hole and slot hole is less than 75mm to be reinforced by Collar plate. Kho ng cách ñó nh hơn 75 mm thì ph i gia cư ng b ng t m b t kín

Block stage

Shortage plate extended by inserting plate T m ng n ñư c n i dài b ng cách chèn

Consideration Point Lưu ý Main plate( Tank top) has been inserted with a small size of pieces. -Dimension control should be improved T m ñáy ñôi ñư c hàn n i dài băng mi ng chèn h p -Kích thư c t ng ño n ph i ki m soát t t

Block and erection stage
Run- on/off T mm i Consideration Point Lưu ý Tab pieces for Run-on/off were attached but not used for run-on/off IN THIS CASE. -All welders should be aware of it and used for welding. - Run –on/off tab piece to be of correct thickness/profiling and used where ever required- yard should consider multiproduction for stock. T m m i ñư c n p ráp nhưng không h ñư c dung ñ n -Ph i ph bi n cho công nhân bi t vai trò t m m i -T m m i ph i có chi u d y và vát mép như t m hàn

Erection stage

Wrongly positioned scallop hole L thông hàn nh m vi trí

Consideration Point Lưu ý Scallop hole has been renewed by inserting small piece, It is mainly due to wrongly positioned. L thông hàn ñư c vá b ng tâm chèn quá nh ....!!!

Erection stage
Reinforcement Bkt for lifting Lug Mã tăng c ng t i moc c u Consideration Point Lưu ý Reinforcement carlings and Bkts for Lifting Lugs are to be removed after using it. Bkts were not removed in many area ( ballast tank & Engine room area). Suggest that arrangement drawing for Lifting lug and its supporting structure to be available and described in how to remove after using etc….. And welding at Lifting Lugs should be verified by PT before using. Mã và n p ph i ñư c tháo sau s d ng. Nhi u két và v trí v n còn Nhà máy lên thi t l p b n v móc c u, chi ti t gia cư ng, và phương pháp c t tháo

Erection stage

Treatment of miss hole S lý l c t nh m

Consideration Point Lưu ý Found many slag inclusion in weld line after renewing in D/Btm tank. V n còn nhi u ng m x trong ñư ng hàn sau khi thay m i

Block and erection

Gap for fillet and partial penetration Khuy t t t t i m i hàn góc và goc ng u

Consideration Point Lưu ý Crack found at welding on hopper top and hopper connection. -Welding speed and current to be employed as per WPS - and Big gap for welding is not repaired before welding. N t ñư c th y t i m i hàn ñ nh hông và hông -T c ñ hàn và dòng hàn ph i theo quy trình hàn -Và khe h l n không ñư c s a trư c khi hàn

Erection stage&Hull outfitting

Built up and handling of Big Gap Hàn ñ p và x lý khe hơ l n

Consideration Point Lưu ý Fairleader: Big gap at each side has occurred after being installed onboard. -Built up with a size of about 30mm. This is absolutely not in accordance with yard’s standard.-- Given comments to verify by UT before Launching of the vessel. -Con lăn dây: Khi l p ráp, t i hai m t ñ con lăn, co khe hơ quá l n. -Khe hơ này ñư c hàn ñ p kho ng 30mm. ði u này không phù h p v i tiêu chu n nhà máy--Chúng tôi khuy n cáo KT băng siêu âm.---V n chưa nh n ñư c báo cáo

Hull Outfitting
No supporting structure underneath Mooring fittings Không có n p chân thi t b ch ng bu c Consideration Point Lưu ý Bkts underneath Mooring fittings were missing at Block stage and some of fittings onboard were also misaligned. -During fabrication of blocks, QC should check its supporting structure as per drawing. -After installation onboard, QC should control in both alignment and missing members. Mã, n p g i dư i thi t b ch ng bu c b thi u giai ño n bl c và m t s v trí thì l ch mép -Trong quá trình ch t o Bl c, KCS nên KT các chi ti t này theo b n v -Sau khi n p trên tàu, KCS nên KT l ch mép, thi u cơ c u

Engine Room- Hull and outfitting

Pipe holes on deck in E/R L ng trên boong trong bu ng máy

Consideration Point Lưu ý Pipe hole opening is not radius corner. Drawing should be updated and reflected on the subsequences vessels. L ñi ng không có lư n góc B n v ph i ñư c c p nh t và áp dung cho tàu ti p theo

Outfitting onboard

Pipe hole at btm plate of upper stool L ñi ng t i ñáy c a tông ño n ngang boong

Consideration Point Lưu ý Pipe hole is more bigger than pipe size. Small steel plate in between pipe and hole Inserted. In case of having bigger size than pipe, hole should be renewed after approved by CLASS. L ng to hơn c ng. Mi ng thép nh ñư c s d ng và chèn vào khe h . Trong trư ng h p l ng to như th thì ph n tôn ñó ph i ñư c thay mơi sau khi ñư c ðK ñ ng ý

Outfitting -pipe

Welding on shipside nozzle Hàn t i l x m n

Consideration Point Lưu ý Welding at shipside nozzle has too much slag inclusion. This is also due to too big gap between pipe and pipe hole. M i hàn t i l x m n có quá nhi u xi hàn Nguyên nhân là khe h hàn l n gi a ng và l ng


Hot bending at both pipe shop and onboard Úôn nóng ng t i xư ng ng và trên tàu

Consideration Point Lưu ý Hot bending is not allowed, cold bending is recommended. Mechanical composition is being changed when hot bending is applied. Không ñươc phép u n nóng ng. Ch áp d ng u n ngu i ng Thành ph n hoá tính v t li u se b thay ñ i khi u n nong ng


Butt welding of pipe Hàn giáp mép ng

Consideration Point Lưu ý Welding at pipe in shop and onboard should be combined of TIG and GMAW. The first two pass welding to be done by TIG and rest of pass done by GMAW. Gap for welding to be kept 2-3mm. Hàn giáp mép ng ph i ñư c ti n hành b ng hàn TIG và hàn bán t ñ ng Hai l p lót ñ u tiên b ng TIG, còn l i là hàn BTð Khe h hàn kho ng 2~3mm


Pipe hole arranged adjacent to lighting hole L ng ñư c c t g n l gi m tr ng

Consideration Point Lưu ý Pipe hole arranged on stringer at aft block in E/R. -Pipe hole is very closed to lighting hole and no reinforcement arranged. L ng ñư c c t trên sàn t ng ño n BM

L ng quá g n l gi m tr ng và không có gia cư ng bù


Pipe support Giá ñõ ng

Consideration Point Lưu ý Pipe support is located at the edge part of face plate of hull web frame. -Pipe support to be seated on centre of face bar - please refer to standard( already handed over to the yard) Giá ng ñư c hàn vào mép b n m t cơ c u v -Giá ng ph i ñư c hàn vào tâm c a t m m t -Xin hay tham khao tiêu chu n (ñã chuy n cho nhà máy)


Material of Gasket V t li u gioăng

Consideration Point Lưu ý Asbestos material of gasket is not allowed to use in the piping system and onboard the vessel. V t li u gioăng b ng ch t amiăng không ñư c phép dùng trên tàu, trong h th ng ng tàu


Pipe support Giá ñ ng

Consideration Point Lưu ý Pipe support fitted on stringer in Side wing tank is very closed to the Longitudinal Bhd. - To be kept gap between support and Bhd.( at least 40mm) Giá ñõ ng n p trên s ng m n quá g n vách d c. -Khe h gi a giá và vách d c ( t i thi u 40mm )


Misalignment of seat L ch chân cơ c u

Consideration Point Lưu ý Seats for Genset and windlass were misaligned. Before installing, mould line marking is necessary to avoid any misalignment. Extensive use of 100mm marking to be done at block and erection stages Chân máy phát và chân t i neo b n p l ch v i cơ c u v Trư c khi n p ráp, l y d u ñư ng lý thuy t là c n thi t ñ tránh l ch. L y d u 100MM giai ño n bl c cho vi c s dung trên ñà la c n thi t

Outfitting in E/R

Pipe hole cut on web frame in E/R L ng trên b n thành d m bu ng máy

Consideration Point Lưu ý Pipe hole was arranged when pipe is installed onboard. This hole is not shown on drawing And many holes are still not being repaired as per revised drawing. L ng ñư c c t khi ñi ng trên tàu L ng không chi ra trên b n v Nhi u l v n chưa ñư c s a theo b n v ñã s añ i


Safety An toàn

Consideration Point Lưu ý All access to blocks and erection joints to be improved and reconsidered – increased use of staging /hanging staging at decks and cherry pickers. Phương th c ti p c n t i các bl c và m i n i t ng ño n ph i ñư c c i thi n – tăng cư ng hơn n a giàn giáo và xe nâng

QC Department Hull structural Control – Ho
Inspection for Hull Structural Work – KT v

t ñ ng KT v tàu c a KCS

Kind of inspection – Bư c ki m tra

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Steel in stock – Ki m tra tôn nh p v Shot blasting – B n h t v sinh Paint priming(approved or not?) – Sơn d m (có ch ng nh n ðK không?) Marking & cutting- l y d u và c t Bending and forming- Úôn, d p Subassembly- Phân ño n nh Panel /Unit assembly-Phân ño n Pre- erection-Ti n năp ghép (trên b ) Erection-N p ghép trên tri n

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Material identification-S cà Preparation check for shop priming-Ki m tra ñ s ch Primer thickness check-ð d

y sơn

Dimension check&material identification-Kích thư c và loai v t li u Check for proper form-KT các ñ c
tính hình h c

Fit-up & welding-N Fit-up & welding-N Fit-up & welding-N Fit-up & welding-N

p ghép&Hàn p ghép&Hàn p ghép&Hàn p ghép&Hàn

QC Department Hull structural Control
Measuring Inspection – ðo ñ c Kind of inspection – Bư c ki m tra

1. Deviation of lines for cutting and fitting-L ch ñư ng c t
và n p

2. Size and form of cut members-Kích thư c c t và hình d ng 3. Form and curvature of bent members-Hình d ng và ñ cong cơ
c ub u n

1. Checked against working drawings-KT l i so v i b n v 2. Checked against working drawings-KT l i so v i b n v 3. Checked against template-KT
l i so v i dư ng m u

4. Allocation /alignment for l i so v i b n v seating etc-V trí và căn ch nh 5. Form of each block-Hình h c bl c 6. Checked on completion in 6. Principal dimensions-Kích thư c Slip way-KT l i khi hoàn thi n trên tri n
cơ b n

4. Checked against working drawings for fitting work-KT

Improvement areas and needs
• Following have been identified as initial improvement points:Nh n di n các ñi m ñ c i thi n bư c ñ u

• PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT :-Qu n lí s n xu t 1. Foreign Professional Shipbuilder (not from Poland - maybe European, Korean or Japanese!!) should be considered employed to organise the middle management tasks and responsibilities down to the shop floor! N u có th , NM lên thuê các nhân s nư c ngoài ñ tư v n kĩ thu t hi n trư ng s n
xu t !

2. Production techniques need to be improved.-Kĩ năng s n xu t c n hoàn thi n 3. Simple measures such as Gravity Welding Machines on panel lines will improve/increase production-Các phương th c hàn như máy hàn t tr ng cho
vi c hàn các phân ño n s tăng cư ng t c ñ s n xu t

4.Permanent but adjustable construction Jigs for shaped blocks, etc.Dùng các c c có ren ñ ñi u ch nh lên xu ng nh m ñ nh hình m t cong bl c

5. Many areas could be improved at low cost.-Nhi u khu v
nh m gi m thi u chi phí

c khác c n c i thi n

Slide 35

Improvement areas and needs
d án chuyên trách

1. Should be committed and knowledgeable in all aspects and areas of Shipbuilding Projects and able to control and direct responsibilities-Có trách
nhi m cao và hi u bi t các lĩnh v c trong d án, có kh năng ki m soát và ch ñ o ngư i co trách nhi m khác

2. Preferably competent in English. Must be capable of communicating at all levels with Owners and Class.-Có năng l c ti ng Anh. Có th giao d ch v i ñ i tác là ch

tàu và

Slide 36

Improvement areas and needs
• 1. 2. 3. 4. IMPROVED QUALITY CONTROL : QC Management and competency must be increased and should be independent of production.-KCS ph i tăng cư ng qu n lý, trau d i năng l c và ph i ñ c
l p v i s n xu t

Lack of experience and limited idea of responsibilities for control.Thi u kinh nghi m và không có quan ñi m rõ ràng

Safety must also be considered, improved and understood.-An toàn ph i
ñư c cân nh c, c i thi n, và th u hi u

Housekeeping is also an issue which needs to be addressed ,Simple sorting skips can be used to avoid missing parts/pieces/pipes, etc. and mix-ups - has been taken onboard to some degree!-Qu n lý chi ti t ph i ñư c lưu ý, nên s d ng các thùng phân lo i ñơn gi n ñ tránh
th t l c và nh m l n cơ c u


NDT is far from being satisfactory and must be improved.-Ho t ñ ng
ki m tra NDT chưa hoàn toàn tho mãn và ph i c i thi n n a

Slide 37

Improvement areas and needs
• DOCUMENTATION CONTROL:- Ki m soát h sơ 1. Very poor management of documents. Almost all correspondence have No titles/subjects; Reference numbers; revision numbering system; responsible signatures; etc. etc.-Qu n lý h sơ
chưa t t. H u h t h sơ, công văn không có tiêu ñ , s s a ñ i, ch kí ngư i ph trách, ..vv..

2. Must be improved throughout the organisation of Yards and VINASHIN.-Ph i ñư c hoàn thi n thông qua cơ c u nhà
máy và Vinashin

Slide 38

Improvement areas and needs
trình và tiêu chu n

1. Almost non-existent. Must be established and properly compiled which are to be standard VINASHIN documents applicable to all yards.-Hoàn toàn chưa ñư c thi t l p, ph i thi t l p tiêu chu n nhà máy 2. We have already given some unofficial input and will wait their/VINASHIN's proposals.-

Slide 39

Improvement areas and needs
• Too many misunderstandings (mainly due to lack of know-how) and poor communication skills resulting in mistakes and rework.-Thông tin qua l i
còn có quá nhi u s hi u sai l ch, không rõ ràng (do thi u kĩ năng, kinh nghi m ) và d n ñ n vi c ph i làm l i nhi u l n

Slide 40

Improvement areas and needs
• 1. 2. 3. 4. General information:-Thông tin chung Marking of material to be improved, especially grades and piece parts+ pipes at cutting centre.-L y d u v t li u ph i ñư c c i thi n, ñ c bi t v c p thép.. Hatch coaming construction to correct for continuous members,etc –Cơ c u d c thành qu y mi ng h m hàng ph i liên t c Loose Bkts.etc at block ends to be tacked on (piece attached) to adjacent structures to avoid missing and not fitting later.-Mã ñính t i
ñ u bl c ph i ñư c hàn ñính ñ tránh thi u cơ c u

WT Bhd collar plates to have increased welding – these are typical location for leakage – also stop holes/scallops to be consistently arranged in continuous members at WT penetration.T m b t l thông cơ c u ph i ñư c hàn tăng cư ng – ñây là nh ng v trí d rò r – tương t nh ng l thông hàn, căt nư c ph i ñư c b trí th ng nh t.


Bilge keel, ground bar iwo erection joint: welded by inserting Glass cloth before adding Bulb bar.-Vây gi m l c, tôn p t i vây gi m l c m i hàn n i
ph i tách r i kh i tôn v b ng ch t ñ m như: v i th y tinh, t m ñ ng

Slide 41

Improvement areas and needs
6. Sea chest construction, follow DNV recommendation- full penetration welding is to make to eliminate pressure testing requirement.-Thành h p thông bi n ph i hàn ng u hoàn toàn, khi ñó mi n th kín h p thông bi n Pipe and cable penetrations not to be arranged in way of pillars, girder/stiffener ends, Bkts or highly stressed areas- ng xuyên qua cơ c u
không ñư c ñi qua t i các v trí chân c t ch ng, mã ñ u n p, khu v c t p chung ng xu t

7. 8. 9.

Pre-outfitting needs to be increased.-N p càng nhi u chi ti t thi t b s m càng t t Sea inlet /discharge distance pieces should be welded at block stage.-L thông bi n, ng m n tàu lên n p và hàn cùng v i t ng ño n 10. Handling of comments and history cards to be improved – will identify improvement area-Thao tác x lí các nh n xét ki m tra ph i c i thi n

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