9/14/11 PC1 263 mg/dL 70Ŵ120 mg/dL

Þ1Ŵ 14Ŧ2 seces
ln8Ŵ 1Ŧ06
Þ11Ŵ 26Ŧ8 secs
ConLrolŴ 34Ŧ7 decreased

9/24 Lower LxLremlLy uoppler
ŴSponLaneous phaslc venous blood flow wlLh good response Lo augmenLaLlon
ŴLower exLremlLles show dlffuse wall calclflcaLlons of LefL lower exLremlLy arLerlesŦ Color doppler
lmaglng reveals absenL flow ln dlsLal and superflclal femoral arLery wlLh Lrlckle flow seen ln Lhe popllLeal
and perloneal arLerlesŦ
lmpresslonť Þerlpheral ArLerlal Cccluslve ulsease
Loborotory 1est Normo/ vo/ues kesu/t lnterpretotion keoson for the test


4Ŵ6 x 10



MonlLorlng of 88C
counL ls needed Lo
deLermlne presence
of anemla or furLher
blood loss and
severlLyŦ 1hls can
also help dlagnose
oLher condlLlons
affecLlng 88Cs such
as Lhe declslon Lo
make blood
Lransfuslon lf blood
loss or anemla ls


3Ŵ10 x 10



MonlLorlng of W8C
counL ls requlred Lo
measure Lhe
number of whlLe
blood cells ln order
Lo deLecL lnfecLlons

Pemoglobln 120Ŵ130 111 uecreasedŤ Slgn of
bleedlng/ decreased

1o help make
declslons abouL
blood Lransfuslons
lf Lhe anemla ls
severeŤ measure
Lhe severlLy
of anemlaŤ
monlLor Lhe
response Lo
LreaLmenL of

0Ŧ38Ŵ0Ŧ48 0Ŧ36 uecreasedŤ Slgn of
lor monlLorlng of
ongolng bleedlng
Lo check lLs
severlLyŤ recovery
from dehydraLlonŤ
monlLorlng of Lhe
LreaLmenL of
D|fferent|a| Count
neuLrophlls 0Ŧ4Ŵ0Ŧ63 0Ŧ80 lncreasedŤ used Lo deLecL acuLe
bacLerlal lnfecLlonŦ
LymphocyLes 0Ŧ20Ŵ0Ŧ33 0Ŧ16 uecreasedŤ 1o deLecL chronlc
bacLerlal lnfecLlon or
acuLe vlral lnfecLlonŦ

Loslnophlls 0Ŧ02Ŵ0Ŧ04 0Ŧ02 normal used Lo deLecL
bacLerlal or paraslLlc
MonocyLes 0Ŧ02Ŵ0Ŧ06 0Ŧ02 normal used Lo deLecL acuLe
bacLerlal lnfecLlonsŦ
8lood 1ype C 8h poslLlve used Lo deLermlne
and compare blood
producLs Lo be
Lransfused or Lo be

uocLor's Crderť

°   n f¾   $  ¯½½  ½°f° ¾½f¾n °¾  €–  ¾½°¾ f–¯ °f°    ¯ ¾¾ €€¾ fnfn€nf°¾€ €   ¯f  ¾ .

 ½½  ¯f–°–  f¾f ¾ °€° ¾ff° ¾½ €nf€ ¯ff n €¾ °° ½½ f f° ½ ° ff  ¾  ¯½ ¾¾° 9 ½ f fnn¾ ¾ f¾  f f@ ¾   .

°°–€ . -¯fIf ¾     ¾    ° ½ f°  -¯f  f¾°€  ¾  .

 n°¾°   ¯° ½ ¾ °n  €f° ¯f€   ¾¾f°  ¾   @¾nf° f¾ ½ f–°¾   n° °¾ f€€ n°– .

°°–€J .¾¾n f¾  n¾° ¯f    f°¾€¾°€   ¾¾f° ¯f¾ ¾      .

 n°¾   ¯ f¾   °¯ €   n ¾°    n°€ n°¾  J .

        °n f¾  .

   ¯– °     n f¾ –°€  °–$ n f¾  – °f°   ¯fn         n f¾ –°€  °– @ ½¯f  n¾°¾f   f°¾€¾°¾ € f° ¯f¾ ¾   ¯ f¾   ¾   €f° ¯f  ¯°   ¾½°¾   f¯ °€ f° ¯f ¯°°–€ °–°–  °– n n¾ ¾    n  €¯  f°  ¯°°–€   f¯ °€ f° ¯f D¾   nfn  fn f°€ n°  @  nn°n fn f°€ n° fn f°€ n°   D¾   n fn f½ff¾n °€ n°¾  D¾   nfn  fn f°€ n°¾  D¾   ¯°  f° n¯½f    ½ n¾  f°¾€¾   °f  €€  °f.

°n ¾  @½         ½¾  -¯f     n#¾   – .° - ½¾ ¯½n ¾              °n f¾   n f¾  ¾°½¾       -¯f .

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