Team Plan for Improvement

Our team was asked to make a list of all the items we would like more and less of in our group. More of This ♪ Communication Structure ♪ Assign Responsibilities ♪ Commitment Consensus • Less of That √ Get off topic √ Distractions Indecisiveness √ Conflicting Schedules Procrastination

We were asked to rank the most important items which are marked with a √

We then selected items to implement first to ensure that performance will improve, these items are marked with an ♪

Below is our step by step improvement plan. 1. At meetings we will follow the agenda first and complete tasks before discussing topics not related to the project. We will include a 10 minute social period in the agenda to conclude meetings.

2. We will plan Wimba meetings to communicate using technological devices.

3. Each member will update weekly availability since schedules are constantly changing. Sunday’s will be the first day of the week, and the day we submit our individual schedules.