The Green Machine is a group of six college students at UMass Dartmouth who completed MGT 431 (Developing and Managing Work Teams) with Dr. Kowalski. The course consisted of many team exercises that included a semester long project outlined in this wiki. The majority of our work was focused on a school wide can drive at Carney Academy in New Bedford, MA. Our main objective was to work with the 4th grade students at Carney Academy and teach them to be recycling experts. They then passed along their knowledge to the rest of the school and participated in a Recycling Fun Festival. Additionally we sent home flyers with the 500 students to share and read with their parents. We worked with Marissa Perez-Dormitzer, the District Recycling Coordinator. She provided us with the tools and information to pass along to the students. Overall it was our goal to promote the importance of recycling to the New Bedford community. We feel it is an important concept and what better way to reach the community than involving the future generations.

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