Identity : Name : Father’s name : Age : Address : Study level : Objective : Hobbies : Family members : J. Madara Nuwanthi Ranathunga. J. Darmadasa, 54 years old. 20 years (16. 03. 1986) Birthday. Kapukanda, Kolonna, Ambilipitiya. Advance Level, Bio science. Tangalle balika, Third time, (Exam in April 2007) To be a Doctor (Surgeon) Playing Cricket, Dancing Her father is a farmer and farms different types. Her mother (R. Somalatha ) is now with us at our home to look after the students and earns 7500.00rs monthly. This has become a great support for her family and all. She has one younger brother and one younger sister studying. Her sister too staying at our home and study to become an engineer. 02rooms, half completed house. small kitchen outside.

Home status : Miscelleanous : Distance to school : Wake up time : Transport method :

80 Km 3.00 am by bus.(Two buses) and 1 ½ km walking to the top of mountain After school tuition : 04 days Arrival time after tuition : 6.00 pm. Transport cost monthly : 4200.00 Rs monthly. Private class fees monthly 1100.00 Rs monthly. Clothes & Shoes ect.. 170.00. Rs monthly. Books & stationary 400.00 Rs monthly. Soap, cosmetic & toothpaste 250.00 Rs monthly. Home visit per tour 140.00 Rs monthly. English She likes to have someone to practice English and this opportunity she uses wisely to improve her knowledge. Computer She is not very clever with computers as she saw a computer here at the first time. But she regularly learns and practices. Future plans and hopes To help her family and Other needy once Helps She would like to study further in English and Computer. Also she needs financial assistance to cover her expenses. Average need will be around 1500.00 Rs monthly. Note One must have a help at least in his life to stand himself

Crossing a ditch Path to the village Road washed away At rainy time Pepper Crop