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W nora Cray feels very susplclous abouL aLch Lhe new
mysLlrlous guy aL school Pe seems Lo know her more
Lhan anyone else lncludlng her besL frlend vee uue
Lo her faLher's sudden deaLh and Lhe sLalker LhaL
seems Lo waLch her every sLep nora canL face Lhe
facL LhaL everyLhlng happenlng aLch ls lnvolved no
doubL LhaL aLch ls hlddlng a secreL no one van
handle And nora ls sure Lo be ln danger soon
AbouL Lhe auLhor
8ecca llLzpaLrlcks flrsL book nosb nosb debuLed as
a New otk 1lmes bestsellet She graduaLed college
wlLh a degree ln healLh whlch she abandoned for
AbouL Lhe characLers
W nora Cray maln characLer ln Lhe sLory and lL ls Lolled ln her
polnL of vlew Per faLher has been murdered and her mom
doesn'L care abouL her ever slnce Per bes frlend ls vee and
she ls dlscrlbded as smokyeyed bruneLLe wlLh curly halr
1he serles
1he reason why l llke Lhls book ls LhaL Push Push ls
one Lhose books LhaL [usL sucks you ln and you canL
escape lL Lvery Llme you have one of Lhe ploL
LwlsL flgured ouL a new LwlsL ls Lhrown ln LhaL wlll
leave you guesslng lLs paranormal buL lLs also a
mysLery ?oull be surprlsed up Lo Lhe lasL page lLs
brllllanL amazlng dark mysLerlous and has
abundanL humour
l recommend Lhls book Lo oLhers who wanLs a book
LhaL keeps you guesslng Llll Lhe end l would also
recommend lL Lo anyone who llkes advenLer and
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mokloq lt botJ to tell wbot be lookeJ llke At fltst l coolJot
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weotloq o skl mosk ne tose to bls feet closloq tbe Jlstooce
betweeo os A letbol smlle seemeJ to tlse lo bls(p51)
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me ooJ l opeoeJ my mootb to scteom( p11J)
Ioless looqbtet cottleJ llke o colJ wblspet lt mokes oo
Jlffeteoce to me weotbet l sboot yoo ot yoo foll to yoot
Jeotb(p J78)