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Johannsen Steel's Mission The company s mission statement should reflect the organization s purpose for existe nce,

what it provides society, and should provide focus on concepts that it can work on. Before the 1960; a good mission for the company should mention the prim ary strength of the company: high quality products in-house design/construction of equipment and innovative R&D team. Since the company later abandoned both the in-house design/construction of equip ment, and downsizing of the R&D size; I propose the current JSC mission to focus on: high quality/ high margin products the engineering efficiency. I suggest the JSC mission to be: Our mission is to provide the society with superior high-quality high-margin prod ucts through precise engineering and processing that achieve a competitive advan tage for both the customer and the JSC in the US market. b) The production function mission: I propose the production function mission to focus on: high quality products efficient use of resources (cost) on-time production and delivery. I suggest the production function mission to be: To enhance the reputable capability of JSC to manufacture high-quality products b y providing well-designed processes and systems and to keep JSC as an industry l eader through maintaining efficiency in engineering, cost, and delivery

2. What does an analysis of external threats, opportunities, and internal s trengths and weaknesses suggest? The competitive environment changed substantially after the 1960: a) External threats: A set of threats began to occur starting from 1960 i. New competitors: The Japanese entered the US market following the steel shortage caused by a 14-w eeks strike. This drove prices of steel products down. ii. Productivity-focused economy: The general emphasis on productivity also resulted in lower prices. iii. Technological advancement in wire-drawing machinery: