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Decoding the DNA of the Toyota Production Click to edit Master subtitle style System

Monisha George Robin Aranha


Toyota Production System Failure to inculcate by others Why difficult to decode TPS? Paradox of Toyotas success Key for outsiders is to understand Toyotas

scientific method
The Four rules
Three rules of Design One 5/2/12

rule of Improvement


Toyotas Notion of Ideal

Common goal Common sense of ideal PS Shared Vision Improvements beyond

customer needs

Ideal for Toyota Not philosophically abstract Ideal output for person, group of people, or


Defect free (features and performance the

customer expects) one) 5/2/12

Delivered one request at a time (a batch size of

Toyota's ideal state popular notion of mass


Toyota's ideal plant customized product or

service, and get it at once at the lowest possible price and with no defects


The Organizational Impact of the Rules

continual experiments
Questions posed

TPS rules community of scientists performing

Why aren't these organizations in a state of

Why can one person make a change without

adversely affecting the work of other people on the production line? the same time?

How does Toyota improve and remain stable at


Answer is in the rules

By making people capable of and responsible for

doing and improving their own work, customers and suppliers,

By standardizing connections between individual By pushing the resolution of connection and flow

problems to the lowest possible level


Companies follow the structure as TPS But no company followed the system Only way Build the structure as well as

system by investing the time as TOYOTA

But If a company dedicates itself to

mastering the rules, it has a better chance of replicating Toyota's DNA- and with that, its performance