Decoding the DNA of the Toyota Production Click to edit Master subtitle style System

Monisha George Robin Aranha

Overview  Toyota Production System Failure to inculcate by others Why difficult to decode TPS? Paradox of Toyota’s success Key for outsiders is to understand Toyota’s scientific method The Four rules  Three rules of Design One 5/2/12 rule of Improvement .

5/2/12 .

Toyota’s Notion of Ideal Common goal – Common sense of ideal PS Shared Vision – Improvements beyond customer needs Ideal for Toyota “Not philosophically abstract” Ideal output for person. or machine Defect free (features and performance the customer expects) one) 5/2/12 Delivered one request at a time (a batch size of . group of people.

Toyota's ideal state “popular notion of mass customization” Toyota's ideal plant “customized product or service. and get it at once at the lowest possible price and with no defects” 5/2/12 .

The Organizational Impact of the Rules continual experiments” Questions posed TPS rules “community of scientists performing Why aren't these organizations in a state of chaos? Why can one person make a change without adversely affecting the work of other people on the production line? the same time? How does Toyota improve and remain stable at 5/2/12 .

customers and suppliers.Answer is in the rules By making people capable of and responsible for doing and improving their own work. By standardizing connections between individual By pushing the resolution of connection and flow problems to the lowest possible level 5/2/12 .

it has a better chance of replicating Toyota's DNA.and with that. its performance” 5/2/12 .Conclusion Companies follow the structure as TPS But no company followed the system Only way – Build the structure as well as system by investing the time as TOYOTA But “If a company dedicates itself to mastering the rules.


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