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MCA Project Report Format

MCA Project Report Format

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Published by: Vidip Mathur on Nov 26, 2011
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MCA Project Report Format

1. 2. 3. 4. Front page(see enclosed file) Acknowledgment Index Introduction to project (not more than 4 pages) 4.1 Need for the new system 4.2 Detailed Problem Definition 4.3 Project Scope 4.4 Future Prospects 5. Analysis 5.1 Project Plan 5.1.1 Module description 5.1.2 Database design 6. System Requirement 6.1 Hardware Requirement 6.2 Software Requirement 7. Language Description(ASP.Net and C#) 8. System design 9. Database design 9.1 DFD 9.2 Database Tables 10. Snapshots 11. Conclusion 12. Bibliography Notes:1. Title should be in font size 18 n bold. Subtitles should be in font 14 n bold. Other text should be in font size 12. 2. Submit spiral binding file. 3. Save your project in a CD and bring it on the day of examination. 4. Individual files should be there.

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