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STUDY THE EFFECT OF UNKNOWN DRUGS ON RABBIT EYE AIM: Tostudy the effect of unknown drugs on rabbit eye.

PRINCIPLE: The parameters like corneal reflex, light reflex, and pupillary diameter are studied before and after adding drug corneal reflex is studied by touching the cornea with a cotton probe.The rabbit immediately closes the eye lid. The light reflex is studied by directing the light rays into the rabbit eye and papillary diameter is reduced.The diameter of the pupillary size is measured by scale. MATERIALS REQUIRED: Droppers, cotton. scale, torch light, drugs. PROCEDURE : Keep the rabbits in a uniformly and moderately illuminated room.The parameters like corneal reflex, light reflex and pup111ary diameter are checked on both eyes of the rabbits.The right eye of the rabbit is kept as control. The drug solutions are instilled in the conjuctival sac of the left eye by gently pulling the lower eyelid. After five minutes later, the corneal reflex, light reflex and pupillary diameter are checked on both eyes and tabulated. INFERENCE: Local anesthetic drugs produces loss of corneal reflex. Miotics like cholinergic agents decrease the pupillary diameter. Mydriatics like anticholinergic agents increase pupillary diameter and abolish the light reflex whereas the sympathomimetic agents do not affect the light reflex.


The given unknown drug is miotic ( Contraction of pupil)