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Brown 3rd Grade

Theme/Unit: Physical science/weather Standard: It is expected students will: Investigate, observe, describe and record how weather changes from day to day and seasonally throughout the year. What Happens in Winter Author: Sara L. Latta Brief Description: This book is great because it includes a science experiment, activities to do in the winter, definitions of weather words and much more! Lets Look at Spring Author: Sarah L. Schuette Brief Description: This book gives young readers great insight on how to tell when it is spring. It tells what happens to animals and plants in the spring and includes a glossary in the back and where to find more information about spring! Seasons of the Year Author: Margaret Hall Simply Science: Fall Author: Darlene R. Stille Brief Description: This book is contains a lot of great information about fall such as: signs of fall, animals in the fall, harvest information, why the days grow shorter and much more!

When Summer Comes Author: Robert Maass

Winter is the Warmest Season Author: Lauren Stringer

Brief Description: This book Brief Description: This book Brief Description: A child tells talks about the fun activities explains why there are seasons the story of why his world is that the summertime brings in the year and how the warmest in winter. Hot like; fireworks, school lets out, weather changes in the Soups, hot pies, and oven-hot eating hot dogs from the grill different seasons. breads make winter the or a slice of juicy watermelon. warmest for the inside of me. Ahh, the joys of summertime!

Brittany Brown EDEL 443 Childrens literature handout