Dateť 2068]06]10

1o 1he Þr|nc|pa|
New ksh|t|z Lng||sh 8oard|ng Schoo|
Shankhadhar Chowkţ Madhyapur 1h|m|ţ 8haktakpur

Sub[ectť App||cat|on for the post of Accountant

Dear Madam
lrom Lhe rellable sourceţ l came Lo know LhaL Lhere ls a vacancy for Lhe posL of an accounLanL ln your
schoolŦ So l would llke Lo apply for same posLŦ
l compleLed 88S from nepal Commerce Campusţ 8aneshwor ln 2063Ŧ l passed +2 Scelnce from Casslc
Academyţ kaLhmandu ln 2061 and SLC from MounL Slnal Lngllsh 8oardlng School ln 2038Ŧ
l have become parLlcualry lnLeresLed lna accounLlng work and now l wlsh Lo develop my career ln LhaL
dlrecLlonŦ l could make a slgnlflcanL conLrlbuLlon lf you glve me an opporLunlLyŦ
l look forward Lo hearlng from youŦ

¥ours S|ncere|y

8lnlLa ShresLha
naya 8asLl Ŵ 9ţ 1hlml

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