Calcium Questionnaire To assess your average daily calcium intake enter the number of times in a week that you

eat the food listed below, multiply that number by the values given and enter that in the column total. Add up the totals in the last column and then divide by seven to get your average daily calcium intake. Example: for cups of tea with milk if you have tea 21 times in a week: Cups of tea with milk 21 X 40mg = 840mg Total per week Total mg calcium

Food Cups of tea with milk Cups of coffee with milk Milky drinks Milk with cereal Slices of white or brown bread Slices of wholemeal bread Portions of cheese Portions of cottage cheese Biscuits Portions of cake Portions of milk pudding (custard, ice cream, yoghurt etc) Portions of green vegetables Portions of sardines or pilchards Portions of fish Porridge Muesli Pancakes or crumpets Oranges Eggs (X2 for scrambled or omelette) Cheese omelette Cheese sauce Quiche Lasagne, moussaka or similar

Multiplied by 40mg 50mg 250mg 155mg 30mg 15mg 320mg 50mg 30mg 50mg 100mg 40mg 350mg 50mg 37mg 100mg 80mg 75mg 37mg 477mg 190mg 200mg 225mg TOTAL per week Divide by 7 for daily intake

Ideal daily calcium intake for adults is 700mg, adults with osteoporosis can get individualised advice from Osteoporosis Specialist Nurse 01224 555407

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