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Purpose of a Resume
Resumes (CVs) are an essential part of the job

application process
Resumes communicate your experience and skills

Resumes/Cover Letters often your only image to the

company, prior to interview

So very important to make these documents

professional and easy to read

Different Types of Resumes

There are many different types of resumes, but we

focus on two:
Chronological Resume

Most common type of resume Focuses on your work experience and education Suitable for those who been working or volunteering for a while Focuses on your skills and competencies Suitable for those who do not have a lot of work experience Your assignment will be a Functional Resume

Functional Resume

Chronological Resume
Contact Information
Objective Experience

Special Skills Honors and Activities

Functional Resume
Contact Information
Objective Skills (organized for job)

Employment Interests

Purpose of the Cover Letter

Cover Letter allows you to highlight your suitability for the

job, by allowing you to:

Link your experience to the job requirements Highlight details not shown in your resume

Add more personality to the Resume

Cover Letter
Contact Information
Salutation Opening (paragraph 1) Gains attention Clarifies what position applying Job Skills (paragraph 2) Education (paragraph 3) Closing (paragraph 4) Motivates action