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INSTANT PUNCH Lac tel Your guide to Minitmas: model 321/323 AUTOMATIC ==" nee = fers NOTE —— MERKE —— NoTez . ‘OLD ROW INDIEATOR 47 NeW AoW INDICATOR ALTER REIHENANZEIGER UER SEINENANZEIGER i | ‘ANGIEW INDIGATEUIA RANGE * NOUVEAU INDICATEUR FANGS No matter which of these Row Indicators your machine has, the instructions remain the same. + Fiir beide Reihenanceiger gilt die gleiche Anieitung. = Les instructions pour les diferents Indicatour rangs rastent les memes, KNITTING ‘iss hig nema t89-t0-followe STEPS, with al you need to know about machine knitting - AUT KNITTING WITH 200 NEEDLES INSTEAD OF JUST 2. IdentHlcation of acceaiores oo ee BD Interesting notes about yarn... ae os 48 Setting up themachine and knitting wk ve ee ee HD Closed edge caition and castingoff. Sadie. Ue nn Blocking, Cord Knitting, Fringing se 2 Se ee ee WOOD Se OE Ae) ee lcer sine ARMs: alereoas wes Seaina . 5 ne ens 32-38