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The Case is all about the Success story of McD.

Well Planed. Marketing Mix.





Tax Structure


Purchasing Power

What Your Bahana

To Attract the Youth

Im Lovin It

To Attract the All level of Customers

By Offering Toys

Targeting Children

To Capture Big Cities for attracting large no. of Customers.

Crew Development Program

Restaurant Management Program

MidManagement Program

Executive development Program

Informative Entertainment Creating an Healthy Environment

By Setting up no smoking zone Environmental Friendly

Globally spread : it has 30000 restaurants spread across the globe. Consistently growing : It launched its operations with 2 stores, but an example of consistent performer, it has now established 54 restaurants with a daily inflow of 5 lakh customers. Used the proper marketing mix. Used Training of its Employees so they will perform best. Used the social marketing concept thus leading to proper identification of tastes of Indian customers.

Supplementary services like information, order taking, hospitality was not good. Advance reservation facility was not there. The principle of first come first serve was not followed. No waiting area for the customers. The employee have poor knowledge of local language. They were unable to make their commitment. Unorganized customer handling.

They can satisfy their customer by improving supplementary services. They can improve the process of delivering the services. They have opportunities to attract the more customers by delivering the fast services.

They can loose their regular customers like Ramesh. Negative word of - mouth publicity can be harmful for the restaurant.

Ques.:- The services marketing mix consists of 3 additional

elements like people, process and phuysical evidence apart from the traditional elements such as product, price, promotion and place. How McDonald was able to utilize these additional 3 elements to market its services?

Ans.: Adapt new Culture Lack of Time Increase in working population They formulates their plans by

Emotions Beliefs Region