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Merlna 1elare (1020048)

8emya C krlshnan (1020032)

8lnl aul (1020033)
8lLlka nalr (1020034)
1rapLl !aln (1020038)
D1 nuD18?
W ndla ls Lhe Lhlrd largesL blsculL manufacLurlng counLry afLer D
and n
W LsLlmaLed annual Lurnover of ndlan blsculL lndusLry ls around n8
630 bllllon
W parL from lg 3( rlLannla arle 1 ) Lhere are around 130
medlum Lo small blsculL facLory ln ndla
W ccordlng Lo M Lhe blsculL lndusLry ln ndla wlLnessed annual
growLh as 13 ln 200304 14 ln 200403 and 200306 13 ln
200607 13 ln 200708 and 17 ln 200809
W 8ural Drban markeL peneLraLlon for blsculLs has been 73/83 for
urban markeL and 33 /63 for rural markeL
W LxporL share ls around 13 of LoLal producLlon
W Ma[or Lypes of blsculL popular ln ndlan markeL are Clucose Marle
ream rackers ulgesLlve ookles and Mllk
M!C8 MnD1D8L8
W Ma[or manufacLurers ln ndla are
2 arle
CLhers ln Lhe llsL are
nmol unfeasL lskfarm uukes remlca rlya
veeramanl onn hagwaLl 8a[a hamplon oblsco
Madhabl nezone Wlndsor ookleman nklL hangrlla
nalanda Dnlblc ookle Man 8a[alsculL
W LarLed ln 1892 kolkaLLa
W y 1910wlLh Lhe advenL of elecLrlclLy rlLannla mechanlzed lLs
W n 1973 Lhe rlLannla lsculL ompany Look over Lhe dlsLrlbuLlon of
blsculLs from arrys who Llll now dlsLrlbuLed rlLannla blsculLs ln
W n 1997 Lhe company unvelled lLs new corporaLe ldenLlLy LaL
ealLhy 1hlnk eLLer and made lLs flrsL foray lnLo Lhe dalry
producLs markeL
W n Lhe year 2001 whlle Lhe dellclous rlLannla 3030 Maskahaska
became ndlas mosL successful producL launch
W n 2002 rlLannlas new uslness ulvlslon formed a [olnL venLure
wlLh onLerra Lhe worlds second largesL ualry ompany and
rlLannla new Zealand oods vL LLd
W resenL Managlng ulrecLor Ms vlnlLa all
W 1|ger 8anana
W Nutr|Cho|ce SugarCut
W 8r|tann|a S0S0 epper Chakkar
W Nutr|Cho|ce D|gest|ve 8|scu|t
W 1reat Iru|t ko||z
W New 8r|tann|a M||k 8|k|s
% ulflll one of our aslc 8equlremenL among
lr WaLer ood helLer
% Wldely accepLed ln all CeneraLlons
% Laslly avallable ln varlous forms
% rovlde good nsLanL 8emedy for hunger ln
Lhe form of readymade food
% reserves Lhe non seasonal food and makes lL
avallable all LhroughouL Lhe year
% uecreases nuLrlLlonal value
% ncreases Lhe cosL of food producL
% ndusLry and Lechnology requlres hlgh
% 8egular usage of processed food can
cause alLeraLlon ln healLh
% CeneraLe employmenL opporLunlLy
% Cood quallLy of Coods
% rovlde compeLlLlon Lo forelgn
% mprove llvlng sLandard
% rovlde goods Lo naLlon aL cheaper raLe
% Many companles are resulL orlenLed
% ncrease ln polluLlon
% omeLlmes provlde poor quallLy of
producL for more proflL
% Lack of Lechnology
% Dnable Lo uLlllze all Lhe resources