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Project / Module Name Date Prepared by Reviewed by Version No. V 1.0 Spinning process Production report 08th Nov 2011

While In the process of preparatory the first step followed is, the process of mixing the lint. The lint is issued to the mixing department in kgs/Bales. There are different steps followed to get the end product of spinning i.e. Yarn in kgs. In the process, to get the end product the processes that follow are like Blow room, carding, draw frame, lap form, comber, finisher Draw frame and simplex (This process is called preparatory). The roving, on bobbins, is placed in the spinning/Ring frame, where it passes through several sets of rollers running at successively higher rates of speed and is finally drawn out to yarn of the size desired. Business Process Flow: The process Flow of Yarn Manufacturing: Input Material --------Processing Machines ——–Output Materials Raw Cotton ----------Blow Room--------Lap (lint/bale) Lap ---------------Carding----------Draw frame Draw frame------Comber ----------Finisher Finisher-----------Simplex----------Roving (Output of Preparatory) Roving------------Ring Frame------Auto coner (Yarn) (Raw Material for Yarn) Yarn-------------- Packing----------Boxes / Pallets Business / Functional Requirement: Now, the requirement from the spinning division is to find how many kgs of lint is issued while at the starting of preparatory and how many kgs of lint is consumed at the end of preparatory i.e. the semi-finished yarn production at the end of preparatory. Also need to find out how many kgs of semifinished good is consumed in the processes like ring frame, auto coner before the finished good in the spinning process i.e. yarn is packed into Boxes / Pallets. NSL Textiles Ltd. Confidential

How many kgs issued at the time of the process ring frame. How many kgs of lint is under process at the time of generating the report. end product.e. How many kgs of yarn is produced i. 2. Semi-finished goods produced in preparatory / lint consumed in the process of preparatory in kgs. NSL Textiles Ltd. How many kgs of reusable / waste is produced in the entire process. 5.Technical Requirement: 1. Confidential . 4. Lint issued before preparatory in kgs. 6. 3.

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