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ASSESSMENT: TU10003 READING SKILLS Assessment for this course carries 60%.

It consists of Reflective Reading Journal (15%), Position Paper (15%), Book Review (15%), Article Review (15%) and Online Interaction (5%). Final Exam carries 40%. (a) Reflective Reading Journal (15%) 1. How do you define: (a) First Language (b) Mother Tongue (c) Second Language (d) Foreign Language * Get reference to support your view. 2. What types of material do you read in your First Language? Explain your reason. (s). 3. What types of material do you read in your Second Language? Explain your reason(s). 4. What is the difference between reading book / novel or watching the movie based on the book / novel? (a) Describe advantages and disadvantages (b) Describe your experience (s) 5. Describe briefly the following statements: (a) An early memory of reading at home (with parents / sibling etc.) (b) A memory of reading in the school (c) A memory of reading elsewhere e.g caf, waiting room etc. (c) Instruction 1. Due date: 1 DECEMBER 2011 2. Cover : Centralize format (Refer to the format that I had created for you and uploaded in schoology) use WHITE COVER ONLY 3. Lectures name: Dr. Suhaidah Omar 4. Font 12, Arial. Spacing 1.5 line

Prepared by: John Chong (25 September 2011)