IIIŦ Carna| or Sp|r|tua|? ºAnd ÞeLer wenL ouL and wepL blLLerlyŦ"ŸLuke 22ť62Ŧ 1hese words
lndlcaLe Lhe Lurnlng polnL ln Lhe llfe of ÞeLerţŸa crlslsŦ 1here ls ofLen a quesLlon abouL Lhe llfe
of hollnessŦ uo you grow lnLo lL? Cr do you come lnLo lL by a crlsls suddenly? ÞeLer has been
growlng for Lhree years under Lhe Lralnlng of ChrlsLţ buL he had grown Lerrlbly downwardţ for
Lhe end of hls growlng wasţ he denled !esusŦ And Lhen Lhere came a crlslsŦ AfLer Lhe crlsls he
was a changed manţ and Lhen he began Lo grow arlghLŦ We musL lndeed grow ln graceţ buL
before we can grow ln grace we musL be puL rlghLŦ ?ou know whaL Lhe Lwo halves of Lhe llfe of
ÞeLer wereŦ ln Cod's Word we read very ofLen abouL Lhe dlfference beLween Lhe carnal and
Lhe splrlLual ChrlsLlanŦ 1he word ºcarnal" comes from Lhe LaLln word for fleshŦ ln 8omans vlllŦţ
and ln CalŦ vŦţ we are LaughL LhaL Lhe flesh and Lhe SplrlL of Cod are Lhe Lwo opposlng powers
by whlch we are domlnaLed or ruledţ and we are LaughL LhaL a Lrue bellever may allow hlmself
Lo be ruled by Lhe fleshŦ 1haL ls whaL Þaul wrlLes Lo Lhe CorlnLhlansŦ ln Lhe 3rd chapLerţ Lhe
flrsL four versesţ he saysţ four Llmes Lo Lhemţ º?ou are carnalţ and noL splrlLualŦ" And [usL so a
bellever can allow Lhe flesh Lo have so much power over hlm LhaL becomes ºcarnalŦ" Lvery
ob[ecL ls named accordlng Lo lLs mosL promlnenL characLerlsLlcŦ lf a man ls a babe ln ChrlsL and
has a llLLle of Lhe Poly SplrlL and a greaL deal of Lhe fleshţ he ls called cotoolţ for Lhe flesh ls hls
chlef markŦ lf he glves wayţ as Lhe CorlnLhlans dldţ Lo sLrlfeţ Lemperţ dlvlslonţ and envyţ he ls a
carnal ChrlsLlanŦ Pe ls a ChrlsLlanţ buL a carnal oneŦ 8uL lf he glves hlmself over enLlrely Lo Lhe
Poly SplrlL so LhaL Pe (Lhe Poly SplrlL) can dellver from Lhe Lemperţ Lhe envyţ and Lhe sLrlfeţ by
breaLhlng a heavenly dlsposlLlonŤ and can morLlfy Lhe deeds of Lhe bodyŤ Lhen Cod's Word
calls hlm a ºsplrlLual" manţ a Lrue splrlLual ChrlsLlanŦ nowţ Lhese Lwo sLyles are remarkably
lllusLraLed ln Lhe llfe of ÞeLerŦ 1he LexL ls Lhe crlsls and Lurnlng polnL aL whlch he beglns Lo pass
over from Lhe one slde Lo Lhe oLherŦ 1he message LhaL l wanL Lo brlng Lo you ls Lhlsť 1haL Lhe
greaL ma[orlLy of ChrlsLlansţ alasţ are noL splrlLual menţ and LhaL Lhey may become splrlLual
men by Lhe grace of CodŦ l wanL Lo come Lo all who are perhaps hungerlng and longlng for Lhe
beLLer llfeţ and asklng whaL ls wrong LhaL you are wlLhouL lLţ Lo polnL ouL LhaL whaL ls wrong ls
[usL one LhlngţŸollowloq tbe flesb to tole lo yooţ ooJ ttostloq lo tbe powet of tbe flesb to moke
yoo qooJŦ 1here ls a beLLer llfeţ a llfe ln Lhe power of Lhe Poly SplrlLŦ 1henţ l wanL Lo Lell you a
Lhlrd LhlngŦ 1he flrsL Lhlng ls lmporLanLţ Lake care of Lhe carnal llfeţ and confess lf you are ln lLŦ
1he second LruLh ls very blessedţ Lhere ls a splrlLual llfeŤ belleve LhaL lL ls a posslblllLyŦ 8uL Lhe
Lhlrd LruLh ls Lhe mosL lmporLanLţŸ?ou can by one sLep geL ouL of Lhe carnal lnLo Lhe splrlLual
sLaLeŦ May Cod reveal lL Lo you now Lhrough Lhe sLory of Lhe AposLle ÞeLer! Look aL hlmţ flrsL
of allţ ln Lhe carnal sLaLeŦ WhaL are Lhe marks of Lhe carnal sLaLe ln hlm? SelfŴwlllţ selfŴpleaslngţ
selfŴconfldenceŦ !usL rememberţ when ChrlsL sald Lo Lhe dlsclples aL Caesarea Þhlllpplţ º1he
Son of Man musL be cruclfledţ" ÞeLer sald Lo Plmţ ºLordţ LhaL can never be!" And ChrlsL had Lo
say Lo hlmţ ºCeL Lhee behlnd Meţ SaLan!" uear readerţ whaL an awful Lhlng for ÞeLer! Pe could
noL undersLand whaL a sufferlng ChrlsL wasŦ And ÞeLer was so selfŴwllled and selfŴconfldenL
LhaL he dared Lo conLradlcL and Lo rebuke ChrlsL! !usL Lhlnk of lL! 1henţ you rememberţ how

ÞeLer and Lhe oLher dlsclplesţ were more Lhan once quarrelllng as Lo who was Lo be Lhe chlefŸ
selfŴexalLaLlonţ selfŴpleaslngŤŸevery one wanLed Lhe chlef seaL ln Lhe klngdom of CodŦ 1hen
agalnţ remember Lhe lasL nlghLţ when ChrlsL warned ÞeLer LhaL SaLan had deslred Lo slfL hlm
and LhaL he would deny PlmŤ and ÞeLer sald Lwlce overţ ºLordţ lf Lhey all deny 1heeţ l am ready
Lo go Lo prlson and Lo deaLhŦ" WhaL selfŴconfldence! Pe was sure LhaL hls hearL was rlghLŦ Pe
loved !esusţ buL he LrusLed hlmselfŦ ºl wlll never deny my Lord"! uon'L you see Lhe whole of
LhaL llfe of ÞeLer ls carnal confldence ln hlmselfŦ ln hls carnal prldeţ ln hls carnal unlovlngness ţ
ln Lhe carnal llberLy he Look ln conLradlcLlng !esusţ lL was all [usL Lhe llfe of Lhe fleshŦ ÞeLer
loved !esusŦ Cod had by Lhe Poly SplrlLţ LaughL hlmŦ ChrlsL had saldţ ºllesh and blood haLh noL
revealed Lhls unLo Lheeţ buL My laLher whlch ls ln heavenŦ" Cod had LaughL hlm LhaL ChrlsL
was Lhe Son of CodŤ buL wlLh all LhaLţ ÞeLer was [usL under Lhe power of Lhe fleshŤ and LhaL ls
why ChrlsL sald aL CeLhsemaneţ º1he splrlL ls wllllng buL Lhe flesh ls weakŦ"Ÿº?ou are under
Lhe power of Lhe fleshţ you cannoL waLch wlLh MeŦ" uear readerţ whaL dld lL all lead Lo? 1he
flesh led noL only Lo Lhe slns l have menLlonedţ buL lasL of all Lo Lhe saddesL of Lhlngsţ Lo
ÞeLer's acLual denlal of !esusŦ 1hree Llmes over he Lold Lhe lleŤ and once wlLh an oaLhţ ºl know
noL Lhe manŦ" Pe denled hls blessed LordŦ 1haL ls whaL lL comes Lo wlLh Lhe llfe of Lhe fleshŦ
1haL ls ÞeLerŦ nowţ look ln Lhe second place aL ÞeLer afLer he became a splrlLual manŦ ChrlsL
had LaughL ÞeLer a greaL dealŦ l Lhlnkţ lf you counL carefullyţ you wlll flnd some seven or elghL
Llmesţ ChrlsL had spoken Lo Lhe dlsclples abouL humlllLyŤ Pe had Laken a llLLle chlld and seL hlm
ln Lhe mldsL of LhemŤ Pe had saldţ ºPe LhaL exalLeLh hlmself shall be abasedţ and he LhaL
humbleLh hlmself shall be exalLedŤ Pe had sald LhaL Lhree or four LlmesŤ Pe had aL Lhe lasL
supper washed Lhelr feeLŤ buL all had noL LaughL ÞeLer humlllLyŦ All ChrlsL's lnsLrucLlons were ln
valnŦ 8emember LhaL nowŦ A man who ls noL splrlLualţ Lhough he may read hls 8lbleţ Lhough he
may sLudy Cod's Wordţ cannoL conquer slnţ because he ls noL llvlng Lhe llfe of Lhe Poly SplrlLŦ
Cod has so ordered lLţ LhaL man cannoL llve a rlghL ChrlsLlan llfe unless he ls full of Lhe Poly
ChosLŦ uo you wonder aL whaL l say? Pave you been accusLomed Lo LhlnkţŸºlull of Lhe Poly
ChosLţ LhaL ls whaL Lhe AposLles had Lo be on Lhe day of ÞenLecosLŤ LhaL ls whaL Lhe marLyrs
and Lhe mlnlsLers had Lo beŤ buL for every man Lo be full of Lhe Poly ChosLţ LhaL ls Loo hlgh"? l
Lell you solemnlyţ unless you belleve LhaLţ you wlll never become Lhoroughgolng ChrlsLlansŦ l
musL be full of Lhe Poly SplrlL lf l am Lo be a wholeŴhearLed ChrlsLlanŦ 1henţ noLe whaL change
Look place ln ÞeLerŦ 1he Lord !esus led hlm up Lo ÞenLecosLţ Lhe Poly SplrlL came from heaven
upon hlmţ and whaL Look place? 1he old ÞeLer was goneţ and he was a new ÞeLerŦ !usL read hls
eplsLleţ and noLe Lhe keynoLe of Lhe eplsLleŦ º1hrough sufferlng Lo gloryŦ" ÞeLerţ who had saldţ
ºCf courseţ Lordţ you never can sufferţ or be cruclfledŤ" ÞeLerţ whoţ Lo save hlmself sufferlng
or shameţ had denled ChrlsLţŸÞeLer becomes so changed LhaL when he wrlLes hls eplsLle Lhe
chlef LhoughL ls Lhe very LhoughL of ChrlsLţ ºSufferlng ls Lhe way Lo gloryŦ" uo you noL see LhaL
Lhe Poly SplrlL had changed ÞeLer? And look aL oLher aspecLsŦ Look aL ÞeLerŦ Pe was so weak
LhaL a woman could frlghLen hlm lnLo denylng ChrlsLŤ buL when Lhe Poly SplrlL came he was
boldţ olJţ bold Lo confess hls Lord aL any cosLţ was ready Lo go Lo prlson and Lo deaLhţ for

ChrlsL's sakeŦ 1he Poly SplrlL had changed Lhe manŦ Look aL hls vlews of ulvlne LruLhŦ Pe could
noL undersLand whaL ChrlsL LaughL hlmţ he could noL Lake lL lnŦ lL was lmposslble before Lhe
deaLh of ChrlsLŤ buL on Lhe day of ÞenLecosL how he ls able Lo expound Lhe word of Cod as a
splrlLual man! l Lell youţ belovedţ when Lhe Poly ChosL comes upon a man he becomes a
splrlLual manţ and lnsLead of denylng hls Lord he denles hlmselfţ [usL remember LhaLŦ ln Lhe
slxLeenLh chapLer of MaLLhew when ÞeLer had saldţ ºLordţ be lL far from 1heeţ Lhls shall never
happen LhaL 1hou shalL be cruclfledţ" ChrlsL sald Lo Plmť ºÞeLerţ noL only wlll l be cruclfledţ buL
you wlll have Lo be cruclfled LooŦ lf any man ls Lo be My dlsclpleţ leL hlm Lake up hls cross Lo
dle upon lLţ leL hlm deny hlmselfţ and leL hlm follow MeŦ" Pow dld ÞeLer obey LhaL command?
Pe wenL and denled !esus! As long as a manţ a ChrlsLlanţ ls under Lhe power of Lhe fleshţ he ls
conLlnually denylng !esusŦ ?ou always musL do one of Lhe Lwoţ you musL deny self or you musL
deny !esusţ andţ alasţ ÞeLer denled hls Lord raLher Lhan deny hlmselfŦ Cn Lhe oLher handţ when
Lhe Poly SplrlL came upon hlmţ he could noL deny hls Lordţ buL he could deny hlmselfţ and he
pralsed Cod for Lhe prlvllege of sufferlng for ChrlsLŦ nowţ how dld Lhe change come abouL?
1he words of my LexL Lell usţŸºAnd ÞeLer wenL ouL and wepL blLLerlyŦ" WhaL does LhaL mean?
lL means Lhlsţ LhaL Lhe Lord led ÞeLer Lo come Lo Lhe end of hlmselfţ Lo see whaL was ln hls
hearLţ and wlLh hls selfŴconfldence Lo fall lnLo Lhe very deepesL sln LhaL a chlld of Cod could be
gullLy ofŤŸpubllclyţ wlLh an oaLhţ Lo deny hls Lord !esus! When ÞeLer sLood Lhere ln LhaL greaL
slnţ Lhe lovlng !esus looked upon hlmţ and LhaL lookţ full of lovlng reproachţ lovlng plLyţ plerced
llke an arrow Lhrough Lhe hearL of ÞeLerţ and he wenL ouL and wepL blLLerlyŦ Þralse Codţ LhaL
was Lhe end of selfŴconfldenL ÞeLer! Þralse Codţ LhaL was Lhe Lurnlng polnL of hls llfe! Pe wenL
ouL wlLh a shame LhaL no Longue can expressŦ Pe woke up as ouL of a dream Lo Lhe Lerrlble
reallLy ºl have helped Lo cruclfy Lhe blessed Son of CodŦ" no man can faLhom whaL ÞeLer musL
have passed Lhrough LhaL lrldayţ SaLurday and Sunday mornlngŦ 8uLţ blessed be Codţ on LhaL
Sunday !esus revealed Plmself Lo ÞeLerţ we know noL howţ buL ºPe was seen of SlmonŤ" Lhen
ln Lhe evenlng Pe came Lo hlm wlLh Lhe oLher dlsclples and breaLhed peaceţ and Lhe Poly SplrlL
upon hlmŤ and Lhenţ laLer onţ you know how Lhe Lord asked hlmţ ºSlmonţ son of !onasţ lovesL
Lhou me?"ŸLhree Llmesţ unLll ÞeLer was sorrowfulţ and saldţ ºLordţ Lhou knowesL all Lhlngsţ
Lhou knowesL LhaL l love LheeŦ" WhaL was lL LhaL wroughL Lhe LranslLlon from Lhe love of Lhe
flesh Lo Lhe love of Lhe SplrlL? l Lell youţ LhaL was Lhe beglnnlngţŸºÞeLer wenL ouL and wepL
blLLerlyţ" wlLh a broken hearLţ wlLh a hearL LhaL would glve anyLhlng Lo show lLs love Lo !esusŦ
WlLh a hearL LhaL had learned Lo glve up all selfŴconfldenceţ ÞeLer was prepared for Lhe
blesslng of Lhe Poly SplrlLŦ Andţ nowţ you can easlly see Lhe appllcaLlon of Lhls sLoryŦ Are Lhere
noL many [usL llvlng Lhe llfe of ÞeLerţ of Lhe selfŴconfldenL ÞeLer as he was? Are Lhere noL many
who are mournlng under Lhe consclousnessţ ºl am so unfalLhful Lo my Lordţ l have no power
agalnsL Lhe fleshţ l cannoL conquer my Lemperţ l glve way [usL llke ÞeLer Lo Lhe fear of manţ of
companyţ for people can lnfluence me and make me do Lhlngs l do noL wanL Lo doţ and l have
no power Lo reslsL Lhem? ClrcumsLances geL Lhe masLery over meţ and l Lhen say and do Lhlngs
LhaL l am ashamed ofŦ"? ls Lhere noL more Lhan oneţ whoţ ln answer Lo Lhe quesLlonţ ºAre you

llvlng as a man fllled wlLh Lhe SplrlLţ devoLed Lo !esusţ followlng Plmţ fully glvlng up all for
Plm?"ŸmusL say wlLh sorrowţ ºCod knows l am noLŦ Alasţ my hearL knows lLŦ"? ?ou say lLţ and
l comeţ and l press you wlLh Lhe quesLlonţ ls noL your poslLlonţ and your characLerţ and your
conducLţ [usL llke LhaL of ÞeLer? Llke ÞeLerţ you love !esusţ llke ÞeLer you know Pe ls Lhe ChrlsL
of Codţ llke ÞeLer you are very zealous ln worklng for PlmŦ ÞeLer had casL ouL devlls ln Pls
nameţ and had preached Lhe gospelţ and had healed Lhe slckŦ Llke ÞeLer you have Lrled Lo work
for !esusŤ buL Ch! under lL allţ lsn'L Lhere someLhlng LhaL comes up conLlnually? Chţ ChrlsLlanţ
whaL ls lL? l prayţ and l Lryţ and l do long Lo llve a holy llfeţ buL Lhe flesh ls Loo sLrongţ and sln
geLs Lhe beLLer of meţ and conLlnually l am pleaslng self lnsLead of denylng lLţ and denylng
!esus lnsLead of pleaslng PlmŦ Comeţ all who are wllllng Lo make LhaL confesslonţ and leL me
ask you Lo look quleLly aL Lhe oLher llfe LhaL ls posslble for youŦ !usL as Lhe Lord !esus gave Lhe
Poly SplrlL Lo ÞeLerţ Pe ls wllllng Lo glve Lhe Poly SplrlL Lo youŦ Are you wllllng Lo recelve Plm?
Are you wllllng Lo glve up yourself enLlrely as an empLyţ helpless vesselţ Lo recelve Lhe power
of Lhe Poly SplrlLţ Lo llveţ Lo dwellţ and Lo work ln you every day? uear belleverţ Cod has
prepared such a beauLlful and such a blessed llfe for every one of usţ and Cod as a laLher ls
walLlng Lo see why you wlll noL come Lo Plm and leL Plm flll you wlLh Lhe Poly ChosLŦ Are you
wllllng for lL? l am sure some areŦ 1here are some who have sald ofLenţ ºC Codţ why can'L l llve
LhaL llfe?ŸWhy can'L l llve every hour of unbroken fellowshlp wlLh Cod?ŸWhy can'L l en[oy
whaL my laLher has glven meţ all Lhe rlches of Pls grace? lL ls for me Pe gave lLţ and why can'L l
en[oy lL?" 1here are Lhose who sayţ ºWhy can'L l ablde ln ChrlsL every dayţ and every hourţ and
every momenL?ŸWhy can'L l have Lhe llghL of my laLher's love fllllng my hearL all Lhe day
long? 1ell meţ servanL of Codţ whaL can help me?" l can Lell you one Lhlng LhaL wlll help youŦ
WhaL helped ÞeLer? ºÞeLer wenL ouL and wepL blLLerlyŦ" lL musL come wlLh us Lo a convlcLlon
of slnŤ lL musL come wlLh us Lo a real downrlghL earnesL repenLanceţ or we never can geL lnLo
Lhe beLLer llfeŦ We musL sLop complalnlng and confesslngţ º?esţ my llfe ls noL whaL lL should
beţ and l wlll Lry Lo do beLLerŦ" 1haL won'L help youŦ WhaL wlll help you? 1hlsţŸLhaL you go
down ln despalr Lo lle aL Lhe feeL of !esusţ and LhaL you begln wlLh a very real and blLLer shame
Lo make confesslonţ ºLord !esusţ have compasslon upon me! lor Lhese many years l have been
a ChrlsLlanţ buL Lhere are so many slns from whlch l have noL cleansed myselfţŸLemperţ prldeţ
[ealousyţ envyţ sharp wordsţ unklnd [udgmenLsţ unforglvlng LhoughLsŦ" Cne musL sayţ º1here ls
a frlend whom l never have forglven for whaL he has saldŦ" AnoLher musL sayţ º1here ls an
enemy whom l dlsllkeţ l cannoL say LhaL l can love hlmŦ" AnoLher musL sayţ º1here are Lhlngs ln
my buslness LhaL l would noL llke broughL ouL lnLo Lhe llghL of manŦ" AnoLher musL sayţ ºl am
led capLlve by Lhe law of sln and deaLhŦ" Chţ ChrlsLlansţ come and make confesslon wlLh
shame and sayţ ºl have been boughL wlLh Lhe 8loodţ l have been washed wlLh Lhe 8loodţ buL
[usL Lhlnk of whaL a llfe l have been llvlng! l am ashamed of lLŦ" 8ow before Cod and ask Plm
by Lhe Poly SplrlL Lo make you more deeply ashamedţ and Lo work ln you LhaL ulvlne
conLrlLlonŦ l pray you Lake Lhe sLep aL onceŦ ºÞeLer wenL ouL and wepL blLLerlyţ" and LhaL was
hls salvaLlonŤ yesţ LhaL was Lhe Lurnlng polnL of hls llfeŦ And shall we noL fall upon our faces

before Codţ and make confesslonţ and geL down on our knees under Lhe burden of Lhe Lerrlble
loadţ and sayţ ºl know l am a belleverţ buL l am noL llvlng as l should Lo Lhe glory of my CodŦ l
am under Lhe power of Lhe flesh and all Lhe selfŴconfldenceţ and selfŴwlllţ and selfŴpleaslng
LhaL marks my llfeŦ" uear ChrlsLlansţ do you noL long Lo be broughL nlgh unLo Cod? Would you
noL glve anyLhlng Lo walk ln close fellowshlp wlLh !esus every day? Would you noL counL lL a
pearl of greaL prlce Lo have Lhe llghL and love of Cod shlnlng ln you all Lhe day? Chţ come and
fall down and make confesslon of slnŤ andţ lf you wlll do lLţ !esus wlll come and meeL you and
Pe wlll ask youţ º LovesL Lhou Me?" Andţ lf you sayţ º?esţ Lordţ" very qulckly Pe wlll ask agalnţ
º LovesL Lhou Me?"Ÿand lf you sayţ º?esţ Lordţ" agalnţ Pe wlll ask a Lhlrd Llmeţ º LovesL Lhou
Me?"Ÿand your hearL wlll be fllled wlLh an unuLLerable sadnessţ and your hearL wlll geL sLlll
more broken down and brulsed by Lhe quesLlonţ and you wlll sayţ ºLordţ l have noL llved as l
shouldţ buL sLlll l love 1hee and l glve myself Lo 1heeŦ" Chţ beloved may Cod glve us grace
nowţ LhaLţ wlLh ÞeLerţ we may go ouLţ andţ lf need beţ weep blLLerlyŦ lf we do noL weep
blLLerlyţŸwe are noL golng Lo force LearsŸshall we noL slgh very deeplyţ and bow very
humblyţ and cry very earnesLlyţ ºC Codţ reveal Lo me Lhe carnal llfe ln whlch l have been llvlngť
reveal Lo me whaL has been hlnderlng me from havlng my llfe full of Lhe Poly ChosL"? Shall we
noL cryţ ºLordţ break my hearL lnLo uLLer selfŴdespalrţ andţ Ch! 8rlng me ln helplessness Lo walL
for Lhe ulvlne powerţ for Lhe power of Lhe Poly ChosLţ Lo Lake possesslon and Lo flll me wlLh a
new llfe glven all Lo !esus?"

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