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Unit Plan Tuesday-1

Unit Plan Tuesday-1

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Published by: Barbara Ungarten on Nov 26, 2011
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Social Studies Lesson/Unit Plan Template (precursor to Teacher Work Sample (TWS) in Internship II


Teacher(s) Name: Amanda Kolacia, Carolina Ocampo, Haley Peeples, Barbara Ungarten Thematic Unit Theme/Title/Grade Level: Independence Day/ 1st Grade Wiki space address: http://ucf1holidaysf11t.wikispaces.com/ Daily Lesson Plan Day/Title: Tuesday
Learning Objectives
What will students accomplish / be able to do at the end of this lesson? Be sure to set significant (related to SSS), challenging and appropriate learning goals!

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The students will be able to identify key reasons why the United States wanted independence from Britain. The students will understand the importance of Thomas Jefferson to the foundation of the United States by using IWB technology. The students will understand the differences between the taxation on the American colonists as opposed to the British colonists. The students will use Imogene’s Last Stand and relate it to the feelings of the American colonists during the time of the American Revolution.

NCSS Theme/ NGSSS- Next Generation Sunshine State Standards
List each standard. Cutting and pasting from the website is allowed. These can be downloaded
from the Florida Dept of Education http://flstandards.org.

NCSS Themes: Time, Continuity, and Change, Power, Authority, and Governance SS.1.A.2.3 Identify celebrations and national holidays as a way of remembering and honoring the heroism and achievements of the people, events, and our nation's ethnic heritage. SS.1.A.2.4: Identify people from the past who have shown character ideals and principles including honesty, courage, and responsibility. SS.1.C.3.2: Recognize symbols and individuals that represent American constitutional democracy. SS.1.E.1.1: Recognize that money is a method of exchanging goods and services. MA.1.A.1.1: Model addition and subtraction situations using the concepts of "partwhole," "adding to," "taking away from," "comparing," and missing addend."

•How will student learning be assessed? Authentic/Alternative assessments? •Does your assessment align with your objectives, standards and procedures? •Informal assessment (multiple modes): participation rubrics, journal entries, collaborative planning/presentation notes

Be sure to include Pre/Post assessment for your entire unit plan and on-going/ alternative assessment for individual, daily lesson plans!

Unit Pre-Assessment: The students will watch an IWB presentation and at the end they will answer questions pertaining to Independence Day.

Unit Post-Assessment: Students will be assessed based on their completion of their Independence Day book, which will include all of their work from the entire week. Students will also take the same IWB test used for the pre-assessment at the end of the unit.

Social Studies Lesson/Unit Plan Template (precursor to Teacher Work Sample (TWS) in Internship II)

On-going Assessment: Students will be assessed by the completion of their assignments in their centers. This will include the 3-2-1 worksheet they will complete during their Voki center.

Design for Instruction
Student Activities & Procedures •What best practice strategies will be implemented? •How will you communicate student expectations? •What products will be developed and created by students?


1. Students will take part in a class discussion going over what we learned yesterday.
This will include a short review of how the centers will work. Students will then talk to an elbow partner about one thing they thought was the most interesting from Monday. (ESOL/ESE) Anticipatory Set: 1. Ask students if they know why we celebrate Independence Day. 2. Students will listen to School House Rock “No More Kings.” (ESOL/ESE) 3. Students will then think about the video, pair with an elbow partner, and share their thoughts. (ESOL/ESE) Step by Step Instructions 1. As a class we will go over the video “No More Kings” and talk about what taxes are. a. Was it fair that the American’s were taxed more than the British? b. How would you feel if you had to pay more for the same item than somebody else? c. Would this make you angry enough to want to be your own country? 2. Taxes Simulation (ESOL/ESE): The students will count off and be either a 1 or a 2, the 1’s will be American colonists and the 2’s will be British. The students will be given money and will have to try and buy items from the class store. The students will see that if a pencil is one dollar and tax is 6 cents, the pencil should be $1.06. However, the American colonists will have to pay a lot more for this pencil a. Students will discuss their feelings about this activity and understand the feelings of the American colonists and their desire for independence. 3. The students will now be broken up into centers where they will spend 15-20 minutes (ESOL/ESE) 4. Center 1 will be the arts and crafts center- Students will make a patriotic drum that will be uses for an activity on Friday 5. Center 2 will incorporate the IWB where students will see a Crazy Talk with Thomas Jefferson. They will hear about his part in helping the colonies gain their independence. They students will also complete a 3-2-1 worksheet that will be placed in the Independence Day books. 6. Center 3 will be a listening center where students will hear the story Imogene’s Last Stand. The students will think, pair, share in this center discussing how Imogene stood up for what she thought was right just like the American colonists did. 7. Center 4 will incorporate math where students will work on math problems using the taxes on American colonists and the British.

Consider Contextual Factors (learning differences/learning environment/learning styles) that may be in place in your future classroom.

What accommodations or modifications do you make for ESOL, Gifted/Talented students, Learning/Reading disabilities (SLD), etc.


In your lesson be sure to label (ESOL; ESE) appropriate activities and modifications made for ESOL and ESE students. http://www.voki.com/pickup.php? scid=4905277&height=267&width=200 Imogene’s Last Stand by Candace Fleming Art supplies to create patriotic drums Math worksheet 3-2-1 worksheet

Social Studies Lesson/Unit Plan Template (precursor to Teacher Work Sample (TWS) in Internship II)

School House Rock: “No More Kings Video.”

Discussion Notes: Make comments here related to ideas for assessment measures, homework, parent involvement, field trips, or extension to the unit plan ideas.

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