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Law of Scientific Hand Reading - Benham

Law of Scientific Hand Reading - Benham


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The most accurate and scientific book and a must read for any serious wannabe palmist.
The most accurate and scientific book and a must read for any serious wannabe palmist.

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Published by: api-3867727 on Oct 19, 2008
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its eg'ect lzpon eveo' pllase of Iife. Defects in tlze Sztul'n or

Ae lo lirtes may be accounted for by a lmd Glrdle of Verum

Tkey may comc f'rom dtûer laxigiouscessor ill.ltealtlz ; wlziclz
one may be indicated by a Clziroguemiu exxmittatitm ald

by the M aia lines. W itk tbe Glrdle of Veutks, a factor whicik

ntqy 'ke re poteut in il;s operatiott tlkere will be mauy combi-

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uatious in which it witl play an mportaztt pgrt


If tkv Hkad

line slopes low' into tbe M ount of M oon D d on lt or near its
terminatîon a. star dot crog: or islantl be seelz with a brokett

Gizl of Veno Knd many lines ix 1kt N.= 4 (s3oN tît

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