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Published by: Check Ritbumroong on Nov 27, 2011
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Before collecting primary data by using methods discussed under the previous topic, it

was recognised that there is a risk of selecting an interviewee from an organisation

that is not fundamentally customer-orientated or customer-relationship-oriented. It is

possible and even probable that there are organisations having more sophisticated

CRM practices implemented. It is also to be noticed that the data collected through

interviewing do not present opinions of non-commercial organisations extensively and

therefore may not be directly generalised. On the other hand, the purpose of the study

was not to research how advanced Finnish organisations are exploiting the

opportunities of CRM, although that information could have extended the entire

picture of CRM’s capabilities in non-profit organisations. However, the paper

manages to describe some possibilities of CRM in non-profit context as it was the

secondary goal of the research. But as the main objective of the paper was to provide

fresh ideas to support the development of Carlow Chamber’s CRM strategy, the deep

interview with the benchmark value was considered to be a suitable option to deliver

sufficient outcome. Even though, using observation as the data collection tool instead

of interviewing could have given more in depth view to interviewed organisation’s

CRM practices. However, as the resources were limited, it was not possible to exploit

the observation.

As the case organisation operates in business-to-business (B2B) market, the paper

does not considerably refer to CRM practices in organisations serving consumer

markets. Secondly, even though the study aspires to focus on not-for-profit context, it

discusses also about the commercial practices as the theory around the subject mainly

refers to the commercial purposes. However, the study outlines deeper examination of

pure and completely commercial areas of CRM. Thirdly, the paper does not commit

itself on examination of some certain CRM systems, applications or vendors. The

research also outlines the implementation process of CRM practices and therefore

does not discuss about change management or project management.

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