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Following list is a collection of central terminology of the study. The terms are briefly

explained to facilitate a reader to keep in track as the paper proceeds.

Business-to-business market:

Consists of organisations selling products or services to other businesses

instead of consumers (InvestorWords Website 2010)


Pushing new products to existing customers (InvestorWords Website


Customer account:

Overview to relationship with a customer including all relevant

information (Storbacka and Lehtinen 1998, 53)

Customer lifecycle / pipeline:

An approach to examine relationship with a customer from the

perspective of time (Buttle 2009, 227)

Customer-orientated organisation:

An organisation operating on customers’ terms (Storbacka et al. 1999,


Customer portfolio:


A customer base dived into mutually exclusive customer groups. (Buttle

2009, 125)

Customer relationship management (CRM):

A business strategy integrating internal functions and external networks

to create and deliver value to targeted customers at a profit. CRM is also

grounded on customer-related data and enabled by information

technology. (Buttle 2009, 15)

Customer-relationship-oriented organisation:

An organisation focusing on value creation processes of both the

customer and the supplier (Storbacka et al. 1999, 20)

Customer tenure:

Customer tenure represents the length of period of time the customer is

actually customer (Buttle 2009, 31-40)

Non-profit / not-for-profit organisation:

An organisation from which its shareholders or trustees do not benefit

financially (InvestorWords Website 2010)


Long-term action plan to achieve a goal (InvestorWords Website 2010)


Near term actions to achieve a goal (InvestorWords Website 2010)


A sales strategy to sell maximum quantity of same type of product

(BusinessDictionary Website 2010)

Value creation process:

Process that identifies how customers create value and how to maximise

the value perceived by the supplier (Payne 2006, 103)





County Carlow Chamber of Commerce, established in

1947, is one of the 60 member Chambers of Chambers

Ireland (Carlow Chamber Website 2010). Chambers

Ireland for one is part of the International Chamber of

Commerce (ICC) (Chambers Ireland Website 2010).

According to Ireland’s Companies Registration Office (CRO) there were around 184

000 businesses operating in Republic of Ireland in year 2008 (CRO annual report

2008). Chambers Ireland has about 13 000 member businesses of which nearly 270

are located in the County Carlow (Carlow Chamber Website 2010). According to

office manager of the Carlow Chamber there are approximately 1 600 businesses in

total in the area of County Carlow (Observation data 2009). This means that 7 percent

of all businesses in Ireland and 17 percent of businesses

in County Carlow are part of Chamber of Commerce

network. Even though Chamber of Commerce provides

Ireland’s most extensive business network there is still

great potential to enhance the coverage. It is to be

noticed that the number of member businesses has

direct impact on the Chamber’s credibility as an

influential party.

Until year 2007 Republic of Ireland enjoyed over a

decade long period of economic growth, which was

faster than in any country in Western Europe. Foreign

investments poured in and Ireland redeemed its place

among the world’s largest exporters in relation to its

population. However, within past two years Ireland’s economy has strongly affected

by the global economic crisis. National economy has decreased by a tenth,

unemployment rate has tripled and banks are struggling to survive. (Economist 2009)

The current economic climate is exposing businesses to new challenges. Quick

changes in business environment have driven businesses to reconsider their

Figure 2. Map of Ireland:

County Carlow (Answers

Corporation Website 2010).

Figure 1. Carlow Chamber

Logo (Carlow Chamber

Website 2010).


competitiveness. Meaning of lobbying decision-makers to sustain a bearable ability to

do business is challenging Chamber of Commerce as well.

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