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CONCEPT MAP Patient with UTI


Establish rapport with the patient Provide cool environment, sponge baths Monitor core temperature Monitor vital signs The patient achieved normal elimination pattern.


Impaired Urinary Elimination related to irritation of urinary bladder as evidenced by burning

Monitor urinary elimination Provide supportive and emotional care Examine pain location, duration, intensity, and bladder spasms Review patients medication regimen Administer analgesics as possible

Patient maintained normal vital signs

Hyperthermia related to inflammatory process secondary to urinary tract infection as manifested by

Identify underlying cause Review results of diagnostic studies Emphasize importance of keeping area clean and dry Encourage increase oral fluid intake Administer antipyretics Determine the causes pain

Maintain normal core temperature within the normal range

Patients pain were relieved and Controlled

Acute pain related to infection within the urinary tract as evidenced by painful urination

Assess for referred pain location and scale (0-10) Encourage significant others to participate in routine of care Observe for changes in Mental status, behavior or level of Encourage adequate rest periods

Demonstrate skills on preventive measures and treatment modalities