Bhatte Primary School Building Construction Project Ramche - 9, Sindhupalchowk, Nepal Summary of Financial Transactions from December 2010

to June 2011 Funds Received Funds Received from Santi School Project (US$ 5,000) Funds Received from Youth for Nepal (US$ 5,000) Total A Expenses Labour 355,625.00 355,625.00 711,250.00

Skilled Unskilled
Sub Total Labour Materials

91,452.00 163,409.00 254,861.00

Hardware Stones Timber/Wood Cement/Sand/Pebbles
Sub Total Materials Materials Transportation Miscellaneous Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting Total B

140,826.21 54,000.00 51,300.00 84,915.00 331,041.21 87,300.00 11,902.79 26,145.00 711,250.00

Prepared by:

Rajanraj Subedi Project Coordinator Shanti Education Initiative Nepal Kathmandu, Nepal

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