The Sign of Justice By Ryan Thomas Under the steeple’s dust-laden warm light Lies the world

, captured in painted glass, Showing the times and the trials of life Enduring in ev’ry new age; The stern comforts man knows are constantly present Through the years and the nations of earth. Light shines on the bread, Christ’s body and spirit, Through the small peaceful dove does it pass, And through the turbulent water of strife, And the torn flag of war being waged, Through riches, (a crown), and through fires of hell, And the phoenix of change and rebirth, Through the cross, lying empty, of painful redemption, And a penitent sinner at mass. But there the light halts; all the widows shine bright, Save for one; no fears will it assuage. For as darkly unlit as the others are light Sleep the fair scales of justice and truth.

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