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Scene Blue

Scene Blue

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Published by: scoop712 on Oct 19, 2008
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Scene: Blue (NOTE: GET A DOCTOR TO HELP WITH THE END OF THE SCENE) (Blue slowly walks onstage

, with obvious effort) Blue: Hey, you’ll give me whatever I want? Manager: That all depends on wha– Blue: Good, okay. Yeah, listen, people are always bugging me to do stuff – It’s like, every day, “Get up, clean your room, get a job, Don’t eat on the couch, it’s too early for raw chicken and a beer,” I mean it’s ridiculous! Manager: Yes, how mortifying it must Blue: Don’t use big words, man, I’m not a…uh…Dicternary Manager. Of course. Sorry. Blue: Whatever. Look, I just want people to lay off, you know? I mean, I can’t even sit back and watch the tube anymore, my mom unplugged it! Manager: You mean she cut the plug in half? Blue: No, man, she just frickin’ unplugged it! Manager: Alright, I see where we’re headed with this agreement – I’ll remove any and all previous responsibilities from your lifestyle, and you’ll – Blue: What did I say about big words man, c’mon! (Over each other) Manager: Sorry. (He knew what he was doing) (Hears word and cringes.) There’s no need for vulgarity, you know. Blue: I mean, Jesus Christ, can’t you listen! Man, I sound like mom… Okay, yeah yeah yeah. Manager: Right. So you won’t have to do anything. Let’s see…I’ll take… Blue: I don’t have time for this. (Goes into door) (Whines pitifully) Manager: Neither do I. (Brings up vision) Doctor: I’m sorry, ma’am, but this is his future. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Mother: I told him that this would happen one day! (Wailing) Why wouldn’t he listen?!!! Blue: (Voice over or very little lip movement) What’s the problem, guys? Doctor: Actually, I don’t know what could have done this to him – his vitals signs are poor, but more than passable; his brain activity is normal, and he may even be able to understand what’s going on around him; it’s as if his limbs just shut down on him. It’s not a coma so much as...a type of full-body paralysis. I’ll bring him into the special cases ward, we’ll have to study this more. Blue: (Same as before) What are you talking about? I’m fine – Mom, tell him, Mom. Doctor: I’ll just need your consent. (Mother is worried) Blue: (Same as before, now frightened) Screw you bub, I’m not going anywhere. Doctor: Think about it – your son could help us prevent this from happening to anyone else. Wouldn’t he have wanted to know his life had a purpose after all? Blue: (Same as before, still frightened) I don’t care about making cures, man let me outta here! Mother: (Hesitantly) Well…if it will help someone else’s child someday…(More certain) Yes, yes I’ll agree. Blue: (Same as before, shocked and hysterical) What – no, Mom, no! Don’t do this, mommy no, no, ….(Continues rambling and sobbing)

Doctor: (Seizing his chance to wheel Blue away) You’re a great person, Mrs. ______. Someday, someone will owe you their life. Mother: You mean, owe my son their life. Doctor: (Distracted) Yes, exactly. (Stops to yell.) Jennine! Get her the DVL-666! Ma’am, the nurse will have the form you need – I’m happy to say you won’t be charged for any of you son’s procedures. Mother: Wait! (Takes son’s hand) (Silence. He is obviously crying. When she takes his hand, he tries to grasp hers; fumbles it.) Goodbye _____. Mommy loves you. (Her voice cracks here. She kisses his brow slowly. Then, after a loaded pause, she backs away. She is still quietly crying – she motions quickly for the doctor to leave. He exits with barely dented glee – she slowly walks the other way.)

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