In The Light Of Day

In the light of day, with others close, Seldom I’m composed— indeed, I play. Lazily, I may neglect to host The principles of most, like: think, then say Every thought, from staid to grandiose, Leaves my eager throat, escapes my brain. Only in my mind are they, at most, Odd enough to goad my laughter’s cry. I ignore restraint—a cardinal vice Next to sloth, or close— but still I say What I should let stay in mind, mouth closed, In the light of day, with others close.

In The Night’s Repose
In the night’s repose, I find my strength Silence brings the same in all who’re close; A full yet black echo, which I provide, And gain peace for mind and body whole. And finally slow my tongue’s rushed gait, Let my thoughts delay, and simply cease. In the night’s repose I find my strength