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Education Act 1996

Education Act 1996

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Published by: Purnama Merindu on Nov 27, 2011
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.AIMS….  To further consolidate the national education system for young generation in accordance with the country’s aspirations of making Malaysia a centre of excellence for education  To outline the legislation related to education .

 Consists 3 general provisions:  The NPME which was proclaimed in 1988 forms the underlying basis  The consolidation of the national education system to include all levels of schooling (from pre school until tertiary education) and all categories of schools (e. government schools.g. private schools)  The National Language became the main medium of instruction under 3 national education system. being a compulsory subject for all schools and educational institutions.LEGISLATIVE PROVISIONS…. .

PROVISIONS GAZETTED IN THE ACT  There are various legislative provisions gazette in the Act will be examined with reference to the different levels of schooling as follows:      Pre-school Primary and Secondary Technical and Vocational Teacher training Tertiary Education .

.PRE-SCHOOL  The MoE is given the power to establish and maintain pre-schools  Children from poor families in the urban areas are given the opportunity to receive pre-school education  Compulsory use of the Pre-School Curriculum Guidelines produced by the MoE for all types and categories of pre-schools.

Continuation of the Unified Examination for national type primary school pupils .PRIMARY AND SECONDARY  Compulsory for pupils from all types and categories     to sit for public examination Islamic Education made a core subject and taught to all Muslim pupils in all primary schools Allocation given to special education Continuation of the status of quo of national type primary schools and 60 private Chinese schools.

 Continuation of the School Board of Government and mission schools  Teaching of the indigenous languages (if deemed appropriate and practical)  No necessity to register religious classes for example Bible classes .

body or organization to conduct technical or vocational courses or training programs.TECHNICAL AND VOCATIONAL  Improvement of technical education in technical schools and polytechnics in line with the country’s efforts to enculturation science and technology education  Change of status of vocational schools to technical schools  Collaboration of polytechnics with any industrial institution. inclusive of exchange programs  Twinning programs in polytechnics with local or foreign institution of higher learning at diploma and degree level .

diploma and degree level through twinning programs.TEACHER TRAINING  Teacher education programs at certificate. .

TERTIARY EDUCATION  Establishment of universities and private colleges  Corporatization of existing public universities  Development of private institutions of higher learning  Teaching of subjects like National Language Malaysian Studies and Islamic or Moral Education in private institution .

CONCLUSIONS….  It can be seen that those aspects in Education Act 1996 is more serious and improved the aspiration of Vision 2020. .

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