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Plug in type Neutral Line Relay Non-ACI Plug in type Neutral Line Relay ACI Plug in type DC Biased ACI Plug in type DC Slow Pickup ACI Plug in type DC Slow Release ACI Magnetically Latched Neutral Relay DC Polarised Magnetic Stick Line Relay Thermal Time Element Relay Plug in type DC Neutral Track Relay Non-ACI Plug in type DC Neutral Track Relay ACI DC Single Wound Lamp Proving Relay D. C. Neutral Line Relay (Proved Type) For Railway Signalling AC Immunisation Characteristics of DC Neutral Tr active Armature Miniature Plug-in Type Line Relays For Railway Signalling SIG Contacts for Railway Signalling Relays Fail Safe Electronic Time Delay Device For Railway Signalling Single Line Tokenless Block Instrument Handle Type Welding Material for Track Circuit Applications To Make Reliable & Permanent Electrical Bond Connection Between Two Conductors Electric Lamp Filament Switching Unit for Colour Light Signals Electric Lamps for Railway Signalling Choke coil for Single Rail Track Circuits On 25 KV 50 Hz AC Electrified Section Electric Point Machine Non Trailable Type 120/160/200 Way Tag Blocks For Signalling Installations Electric Key Transmitter Rotary type D.C. IRS Post Type Electric Signal Reverser Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon-6 Signalling Components PVC Insulated PVC Insulated Cables & Wires For Indian Railway Signalling PVC INSULATED ALUMINIUM SCREENED CABLES FOR RAILWAY SIGNALLING PVC INSULATED CABLE FOR RAILWAY SIGNALLING TRACK FEED BATTERY CHARGER BATTERY CHARGERS FOR RAILWAY S&T INSTALLATIONS Colour Light Signal Transformer DC-DC Converter For Railway S&T Installations ELECTRIC LIFTING BARRIER FERRO-RESONANT TYPE AUTOMATIC AC VOLTAGE REGULATOR FOR RAILWAY SIGNALLING INSTALLATIONS LOW MAINTENANCE LEAD ACID STATIONARY SECONDARY CELLS FOR S&T INSTALLATIONS ‘SITEL’ PRIMARY CELLS (DRY, LECHLANCHE TYPE) FOR RAILWAY S&T INSTALATIONS Transformer 230/110V - 1 KVA to 5 KVA VALVE REGULATED (SEALED) LEAD ACID STATIONARY BATTERY & CHARGER Transformer - Rectifier Set

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IRS S 99-2001 IRS S 102-2004 IRS S 84-92 RDSO SPN 144-2004 RDSO SPN 146-2001 RDSO SPN 147-1997 RDSO SPN 153-2002 RDSO SPN 165-2000 with Amd-2 RDSO SPN 165-2004 RDSO SPN 168-2002 RDSO SPN 169-2001 RDSO SPN 173-2002 RDSO SPN 175-2005 RDSO SPN 176-2002 RDSO SPN 177-2003 RDSO SPN 179-2003 RDSO SPN 183-2004 RDSO SPN 184-2004 RDSO SPN 188-2004

Data logger system Solid State Interlocking system SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULE SAFETY AND RELIABILITY REQUIREMENT OF ELECTRONIC SIGNALLING EQUIPMENT Audio Frequency Track Circuit UNIVERSAL FAIL-SAFE BLOCK INTERFACE (UFSBI) LED Signal Lighting Unit SMPS Based Integrated Power Supply System (IPS) for S&T Installations of Indian Railways SMPS Based Integrated Power Supply Thermoplastic Polyurethane moulded Rail Insulation Joints LED lit Semaphore Signal lamp Fail Safe Electronic Time Delay Device For Railway Signalling Solid State Block Proving By Axle Counter Multi section Digital Axle Counter SINGLE SECTION DIGITAL AXLE COUNTER TRAIN ACTUATED WARNING DEVICE BASED ON AXLE DETECTORS OF DIGITAL AXLE COUNTER TECHNOLOGY FOR LEVEL CROSSING GATE TRAIN PROTECTION & WARNING SYSTEM Non corrossive NFTC apparatus case for Railway Signalling BLOCK PANEL WITH UFSBI/MUX-COMBINER

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