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Pa Strategy

Pa Strategy

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Published by: Armaan Shahi on Nov 27, 2011
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Determine how the company's strategy, vision and goals relate to the employees' role. This will tell you how your employees can contribute to the success of the organization.


Select a measurement strategy. Two strategies are employed when creating performance appraisal systems. Management by objectives is a strategy that sets goals from the highest level of the organization to the lowest level; all employees contribute to the overall goals of the company. Total quality management assesses the performance of employees and the organization's structure.


Establish tools that accurately measure an employee's performance and the job expectations. The tools are referred to as metrics, and they are the measurable actions of an employee in relation to the job she performs.


Select a method to rate performance. You can choose to compare employees to each other or to rate individuals. Simple ranking lists employees from highest to lowest. The forced-distribution method assigns a percentage of employees to categories. Individual employees can be rated on a graphic scale. The scale lists characteristics; the characteristics are rated, and the employee is compared to each characteristic.


Test for rating errors. The manager or supervisor issuing the appraisal can cause errors without realizing it. These errors include leniency, strictness and the halo effect. In these instances, the manager rates employees based on factors other than performance.


Read more: How to Design Effective Performance Appraisal Systems | eHow.ehow. This allows employees to modify behavior based on expectations.html#ixzz1eofGjYPX .  7 Schedule a time to issue the performance appraisal and to give and receive feedback. and the appraisal process will appear fair and unbiased.Explain how each expectation will be rated and measured.com http://www.com/how_6899544_design-effective-performanceappraisal-systems.


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