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Sourav Resume

Sourav Resume

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Published by: Dipanjan Das on Nov 27, 2011
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201 1

Address: C/O HARIPADA DHAR AJAY GHOSH PALLY PO: - GAIRKATA PS: - BANARHAT DIST: - JALPAIGURI PIN: - 735212, WEST BENGAL Mobile: +91-9093693075 (P) +91-9733184185 (H) +91-9615328601 (O)

E-mail: sdhar.adhunik@gmail.com sourav.birdsong@gmail.com

Career Objective: To optimally utilize the present abilities, expertise and knowledge in the organization, so as to enable the organization achieve its goals and at the same time capture opportunities for constant learning and career development. Organization Experience: Name of the Organization Adhunik Cement Limited. Howrah Gases Pvt. Ltd. Designati on Accounts Officer Trainee Period From To May’200 Present 9 April’200 9 April’200 9 Company Profile One of the leading cement industries in North East. Sponge Iron plant in Burdwan, West Bengal. System Package Tally 9.2,store package, MS Office Tally 9.2, MS Office.

Computer Knowledge: Windows 98/2000/2003/2007, XP, Vista, Microsoft Office, Extensive proficiency in Inter Net, Advance knowledge in MS Excel, MS-DOS, FoxPro.

Educational Qualification: Save Paper. Save Trees “ Page



SOURAV DHAR RESUME JUNE 201 1 PERCENTAGE 45% 51% 77% EXAMINATION B.S. FoxPro Etc. MS-Office. (Science) Madhyamik YEAR 2009 2005 2003 BOARD/UNIVERSITY North Bengal University W. Prepared final Capital investment subsidy.) from Rashtriya Computer Literacy Drive. Work Experience: 1.S. 2003.5 million Tone along with 25 MW Captive power plant.C.A. N.B. Prepared Material reconciliation (Monthly 2. Save Paper. Meghalaya Organization Profile: The company is engaged in Cement Manufacturing with an Installed capacity of 1. Save Trees “ Page ” 2| . ADHUNIK CEMENT LIMITED: Unit of Adhunik Group of Industries Integrated Cement Plant at Thanskai village.E Professional Qualification: Completed Full Certificate Course Diploma in Computer Application (Windows 98. 2000. : 1. MS-DOS.B: Good knowledge in investment subsidy.S. The Commercial production commenced On 7th Aug’2010.H.B.E W. (English Literature) H.B. Windows XP. Functioning area Basis).

There I was in Commercial Department & I trained about Accounts & Store related Work.SOURAV DHAR RESUME JUNE 201 1 3. 6. 12. Physical Stock Maintain of Central stores godown. Integrated Sponge Iron Plant at Raniganj. M/S HOWRAH GASES PVT. passing & entry. 7. Production & consumption data entry & cross checking the Same.m. (Daily Basis). Save Trees “ Page ” 3| .) 9. Functioning Area: a) There I was a Trainee. West Bengal. Purchase Bill checking. 5. Prepared Miscellaneous report as & when required. Burdwan. 10. Reconciliation of Store material with Accounts. (Daily Basis) 4. (Monthly Basis. Prepared Fund Requisition Statement. (Monthly Basis). (Monthly Basis) 8. Save Paper. Audit File preparation. Prepared MIS (Various). Salary : 12000 p. (Monthly Basis). : Unit of MSP Group of Industries. Responsible for party reconciliation. 2. 11. Day to day accounting. LTD.

SOCIAL SKILLS & COMPETENCES: I am sociable person who loves being surrounded by people and meeting people from other cultures. because I am really interested in other customs and habits. I like to play tabletennis & volleyball. I consider myself a person who tries to be positive. I am a quite organized person and I like working in team. 3. ORIGINAL SKILLS & COMPETENCES: I am responsible and hard-working. I participated in inter college cricket tournament & I also played Jalpaiguri District football league. GAME SKILLS: I have a strong interest in game. Save Paper. LANGUAGE SKILLS: LANGUAGE Bengali (mother tongue) English Hindi READING SKILLS Very High Very High Basic WRITING SKILLS Very High Good Nil VERBAL SKILLS Very High Good Good 1. I am a proactive person who is continuously looking for things to do. Save Trees “ Page ” 4| . I have developed these skills in my current company Adhunik Cement Ltd. because I believed that hard work will allow you to get anything.SOURAV DHAR RESUME JUNE 201 1 PERSONAL SKILLS & COMPETENCES: 1. 2. even if I am in a difficult situation.

Preferable Location 8. Negotiable Declaration: THE ABOVE FURNISHED DETAILS ARE TRUE TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE & I SHALL TRY TO PROVE MYSELF AS A PEFECT PROFESSIONAL IN YOUR REPUTED ORGANISATION. Expected Salary : : : : : Shri Haripada Dhar 23rd May. Date of birth 3. Current Salary 7.SOURAV DHAR RESUME JUNE 201 1 OTHER INFORMATION: 1. Date: ………………………. Marital Status 4.a. Anywhere in India. Fathers Name 2. 1987 : Single : Male : Indian 144000 p. Nationality 6. Sex 5. Save Trees “ Page ” 5| . Place: Jalpaiguri __________________________________ (S ourav Dhar) Save Paper.

SOURAV DHAR RESUME JUNE 201 1 Work Experience: Work E Work Experience: Save Paper. Save Trees “ Page ” 6| .

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