Once I heard that Mulla Nasruddin had become a communist. I know him...I was a little puzzled.

This was a miracle! I know his possessiveness. So I asked him: "Mulla, do you know what communism means?" He said: "I know." I said: "Do you know that if you have two cars and somebody hasn't a car, you will have to give one car?" He said: "I am perfectly willing to give." I said: "If you have two houses and somebody is without a house you will have to give one house?" He said: "I am perfectly ready, right now." And I said: "If you have two donkeys you will have to give one donkey to somebody else who has not?" He said: "There I disagree. I cannot give, I cannot do that!" But I said: "Why? -- Because it is the same logic, the same corollary." He said: "No, it is not the same -- I have two donkeys, I don't have two cars."

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