november 19Lhţ 2011

uear LdlLorţ
l am wrlLlng Lhls leLLer Lo Lhe ƍMcAlesLer newsŴCaplLalƍ regardlng a recenL arLlcle ƍLocal narconon
leader speaks ouL on confllcL over school presenLaLlonƍŦ

My name ls Colln Penderson and l am Lhe ƍdlsgrunLled former cllenLƍ as Cary SmlLh of narconon so
eloquenLly called meŦ l am dlsgrunLled because narconon Arrowhead was noL Lelllng me Lhe LruLh when
l was seeklng help for my drug addlcLlonŦ l asked my ƍrecrulLerƍ !ohn Shaffer ƍ!ohn l need Lo know
wlLhouL a shadow of doubL LhaL SclenLology ls noL belng LaughL or pracLlced by narcononƍŦ 1he answer
LhaL l recelved from Shaffer was ƍno 8roţ we do noL Leach or pracLlce SclenLologyƍŦ narconon lled Lo me
and conLlnues Lo lle Lo Lhousands of people for Lhe sake of moneyŦ

l would llke Lo Lhank CLC Cary SmlLh of narconon of Cklahoma lncŦ from Lhe boLLom of my hearL for Lhls
sLaLemenL ƍSmlLh sald narconon ls Lhankful for lLs afflllaLlon wlLh Lhe Church of SclenLologyƍŦ lf my
recrulLer !ohn Shaffer would have Lold me Lhls or answered my dlrecL quesLlon wlLh Lhe LruLh l would
noL have gone Lo narconon Arrowhead ln !uly of 2007 and Lhey wouldnƌL have made any money off of
my lamlly and lŦ

1he maln reason for my exlL of Lhe narconon program afLer only 2 weeks was Lhe slmple facL LhaL l could
have dled ln Lhls programţ oLhers have (LawsulLs agalnsL narconon Ŵ Cngolng 1hread) or check wlLh Lhe
ÞlLLsburg CounLy ulsLrlcL CourL Þubllc 8ecords ţ [usL Lype narconon ln Lhe ÞarLy lleldŦ
As for anoLher sLaLemenL ln Lhe arLlcle ƌA narconon urug LducaLlon school currlculumƌţ glven Lo Lhe
newsŴCaplLal by SmlLhţ lL sLaLes all drugs are deemed polsonousŦ ƍCne very lmporLanL polnL Lo
undersLand ls nearly all drugs are LoxlcŦ ln oLher wordsţ mosL drugs are baslcally polsonousŦŦŦ ƍ
1hls explalns why narconon Arrowhead refused Lo glve me my blood pressure medlcaLlon unLll l
LhreaLened legal acLlonţ lLƌs a known facL ln SclenLology LhaL all drugs are bad (polsons)ţ even Lhe ones
your uocLor prescrlbes youŦ

As for Cary SmlLhƌs quoLe ƍwhaL he called a ƍcyberŴLerrorlsLƍ groupţ Anonymousƍţ Lhls a Lerm colned by
Lhe Church of SclenLology ln lLs propaganda campalgn ln response Lo Lhe 2008 proLesLs agalnsL Lhe
churchţ whlch conLlnue Lo Lhls dayŦ very few who clalm Lo be of AnonymousŦ l am Lhankful for my
afflllaLlon wlLh AnonymousŦ Anonymous has no leaders or followers only lndlvlduals LhaL wlsh Lo
ÞroLecL our lreedoms and Lo Lnd all CppresslonŦ l am Anonymousţ you are Anonymousţ we are all
Anonymousţ we are oneŦ no one person speaks for Anonymousţ we all doŦ ldeas can change Lhe worldŦ
very few who clalm Lo be of Anonymous are ƍcyber LerrorlsLsƍ and cerLalnly l am noL oneŦ l am [usL your
average !oe Lrylng Lo alerL people Lo Lhe dangers of a program l have experlencedŦ 1haL Anonymous
helps ln exposlng narcononŦŦ well ln my book LhaL ls a good Lhlng!

narconon sLaLes LhaL Lhey are ln Lhe ƍ8uslness of Savlng LlvesƍŦ lL ls my flrm bellef LhaL ƍ8uslnessƍ and
ƍSavlng Llvesƍ are nC1 Lo be lnLermlngled for any reason wlLhouL publlc knowledgeŦ ls narconon dolng
whaL Lhey clalm Lo doŴ ƍSavlng Llvesƍ or ls lL [usL ƍ8uslnessƍ? lLƌs supposed Lo be a nonŴproflL publlc
beneflL groupŦ 8uslnesses are supposed Lo make money and growŦ ConLrasL Lhls wlLh ƍSavlng LlvesƍŦ
Savlng llves ls abouL [usL LhaLŴ ƍSavlng LlvesƍŦ lLƌs noL a buslness aL allţ lLƌs your uuLy Lo PumanlLyŦ
ÞuLLlng oLhers flrsL lnsLead of yourselfţ noL for moneyţ fameţ leverageţ powerţ or lnfluenceţ buL for Lhe
sake of dolng whaLƌs rlghL ls Lhe very essence of ƍSavlng LlvesƍŦ

l am a small buslness man ouL of LawLonţ CkŦ l would llke key ln on one aspecL of dolng buslnessţ
creaLlng leverageŦ 8uslnesses look for opporLunlLles Lo creaLe leverage all Lhe Llme for Lhe purpose of
generaLlng salesţ negoLlaLe conLracLsţ and Lo galn maxlmum proflLŦ 1here ls a dlfference beLween
leverage and manlpulaLlonŦ WlLh Lhls belng sald leLƌs look lnLo how narconon creaLes leverage for Lhelr
buslness of ƍSavlng LlvesƍŦ llrsLţ you need Lo know who narconon of Cklahoma lncŦ really lsŦ narconon
of Cklahoma lncŦ aka narconon Arrowheadţ ls under Lhe umbrella of A8LL lnLernaLlonal (1he AssoclaLlon
for 8eLLer Llvlng and LducaLlon)Ŧ ?ou mlghL ask who ls A8LL lnLernaLlonal? Wellţ A8LL lnLernaLlonal ls
Lhe organlzaLlon LhaL oversees narconon lnLernaLlonalţ Crlmlnon lnLernaLlonalţ Applled ScholasLlcs
lnLernaLlonalţ and 1he Way Lo Papplness loundaLlon lnLernaLlonalŦ

Soţ who are Lhese organlzaLlons and why should you care? ƍA8LL lnLernaLlonal was formed for Lhe
purpose of supervlslng and coordlnaLlng Lhe promoLlon and dlssemlnaLlon of Lhe Þhllosophy and
1echnology ln secular flelds by organlzaLlons formed Lo use Lhe Pubbard Þhllosophy and 1echnology ln
Lhose fleldsŦƍ 1hls ls whaL A8LL saysŦ lf you look lnLo who A8LL lnLernaLlonal ls and why Lhey push Lhe
ƍLŦ 8on Pubbard 1echnologyƍ whaL you flnd ls LhaL Lhe ƍLŦ 8on Pubbard 1echnologyƍ ls Lhe foundaLlon of
Lhe Church of SclenLologyŦ A8LL lnLernaLlonal ls deemed a ƍvarlous SecLor of SclenLologyƍ by Lhe
Church of SclenLology and dlrecLly recelves Lhelr orders from Lhe Church of SclenLologyŦ All of above
menLloned organlzaLlons are complex fronL groups for Lhe Church of SclenLology LhaL are deployed for
Lhe sake of recrulLlng vulnerable mlnds lnLo Lhe Church of SclenLologyţ whlch ls blg Llme ƍ8uslnessƍŦ very
slmplyţ Lhe Church of SclenLology ls uslng fronL groups under gulse of a secular organlzaLlon for purpose
of ƍÞroflLƍŦ

1he LruLh lsţ you are belng decelved on a grand scale when you are Lold LhaL narconon ls noL

nowţ back Lo how narconon creaLes leverage ln ƍSavlng LlvesƍŦ lLƌs slmpleţ narconon lnLernaLlonal was
esLabllshed Lo work ln Lhe ƍSecular lleldƍ of drug rehablllLaLlonŦ 1hls ƍSecular lleldƍ was chosen very
wlsely from a ƍ8uslnessƍ perspecLlveţ from Lhls perspecLlve we can apply ƍSecular lleldsƍ Lo Lhe Lerm
ƍÞroflL CenLersƍŦ AL Lhe momenL of Lhe concepLlon of narconon lnLernaLlonalţ leverage was creaLedŦ
narconon uses ƍhopeƍ Lo creaLe leverage agalnsL lndlvlduals and famllles ln desperaLe need of lLŦ
narconon uses ƍhopeƍ as leverage agalnsL Lhem ln order Lo grow as a ƍ8uslnessƍ and Lhls ls whaL
sLlmulaLes your local economlesŦ 1hls ls an uneLhlcal and lmmoral approach Lo ƍSavlng Llvesƍ and
ƍ8uslnessƍŦ lndlvlduals and Lhelr loved ones baLLllng drug and alcohol addlcLlon are exLremely
vulnerable Puman 8elngsţ nC1 ƍÞroflL CenLersƍ! lLƌs wrong Lo decepLlvely lmpose nonŴsecular ƍor
8ellglousƍ Leachlngs on oneƌs mlnd wlLhouL Lhelr consenL or knowledge!

l am afrald LhaL Lhere may be serlous human rlghLs vlolaLlons happenlng rlghL now aL narconon and
Lhere ls noLhlng belng done abouL lLŦ !usL Lo descrlbe a few of Lhe alleged vlolaLlons areŤ PlÞÞA law
vlolaLlonsţ psychologlcal harassmenLţ lnsurance fraudţ medlcal negllgenceţ wrongful deaLh Ŵ and Lo Lop lL
off Ŵ narcononƌs adverLlsed success raLe of 70Ʒ+ ls a compleLe fraudŦ MosL lawsulLs agalnsL narconon
end wlLh seLLlemenLs and gag orders (search ƍnarconon LawsulLsƍ)Ŧ l was a cllenL of narconon
Arrowhead ln !uly of 2007 and seen much of Lhls wlLh my own eyesŦ Pow ls lL LhaL Lhls place has been
allowed Lo operaLe wlLh Lhese lssulng occurrlng? Cne only needs Lo look back Lo Lhe long legal flghL Lhe
sLaLe puL up ln Lrylng Lo deny narconon a llcense Lo operaLe ln Lhe sLaLeŦ Llke lLƌs senlor organlzaLlon
SclenLologyƌs naLlonal hlsLoryţ narconon has a hlsLory of flllng excesslve lawsulL flllngs and harasslng
offlclals ln order Lo geL whaL lL wanLsŦ

Þersonallyţ l am a born agaln ChrlsLlan however my problem wlLh narconon ls noL because of Lhe
rellglon of SclenLology behlnd narcononŦ lL ls because of Lhe decepLlon LhaL Lhe Church of SclenLology
and narconon ls uslng lL Lo furLher lLs growLh and wealLhŦ l flrmly belleve LhaL l was lead Lo narconon
Arrowhead and Lhls ls why l am wrlLlng Lhls leLLerŦ lLƌs noL for me LhaL l do Lhlsţ lL ls for youŦ

Cod blessţ
Colln Penderson

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