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Computer Graphics BCA 33

Computer Graphics BCA 33


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Published by: api-3732063 on Oct 20, 2008
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Due to the widespread reorganization of the power and utility of
computer graphics in almost all fields, a broad range of graphics hardware and
software systems are available now. Graphics capabilities for both two-
dimensional and three-dimensional applications are now common on general-
purpose computers, including many hand-held calculators. These need wide
variety of interactive devices.

In this unit, we will look into some of the commonly used hardware
devices in conjunction with graphics. While the normal concept of a CPU,
Memory and I/O devices of a computer still holds good, we will be
concentrating more on the I/O devices. The special purpose output devices that
allow us to see pictures in color, for example, with different sizes, features etc.
Also, once the picture is presented, the user may like to modify it interactively.
So one should be able to point to specific portions of the display and change
them. Special input devices that allow such operations are also introduced.
While ever changing technologies keep producing newer and newer products,
what you are being introduced to here are trends of technology.

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