Group  Presentations  Grading  Rubric Pssbl Ernd Did  you  meet  the  time  requeirements?

  (All  four  points  if  yes;  one  point  if  no) Were  you  familiar  and  comfortable   with  your  material? Did  you  meet  all  the  project  deadlines? Was  the  presentation  balanced   between  each  of  the  group  members? Did  you  use  thoughtful  and  relevant   transitions? Did  you  effectively  and  professionally   introduce  and  conclude  your   presentation? Did  you  use  you-­‐attitude? Did  you  use  positive  emphasis? Did  you  use  eye  contact  and  positive,   professional  body  language  to  keep   your  audience's  attention? Did  you  act  with  respect  and   professionalism  as  audience  member,   or  when  not  speaking. Did  you  interact  with  your  slides? Were  your  slides  relevant?  Essential  to   your  material? Are  the  slide's  contents  professional? Can  we  see  all  the  necessary   information  from  the  back  of  the   room? Quality,  clarity,  and   comprehensiveness  of  the  group   memo  to  Trauman? Quality  and  comprehensiveness  of  task   list? 0

4 3 1 1 2

2 4 2


3 4 2 2


4 2 40