1opplLs should expand lnLo more channels and Lry Lo galn lncreased peneLraLlon of Lhe warehouse

markeLŦ 1hls channel can be used for large and unLapped markeLŦ WalŴMarL would demand addlLlonal
adverLlslng of $30ţ000 each yearţ as well as 10Ʒ lower perŴunlL sales prlceŦ 1he adverLlslng cosL $30ţ000
would be compensaLed by Lhe lncrease ln sales volumeŦ
CurrenL wholesale prlce ƹ $42Ŧ3
Sales ƹ 1961
CosL of sales
varlable cosL per unlL

Changlng Lhe promoLlonal focus
lL should also lncreaslng freezer placemenL budgeL Lo $14000 and buy shelf space Lo make sure LhaL
Lhelr producL ls always locaLed nexL Lo lLs compeLlLorsŦ 1opplLs ls havlng compeLlLlve advanLage of fresh
and naLural producL wlLh no preservaLlvesŦ
lL should use remalnlng $3000 for promoLlonal channel Ŷ dlva/showcaseŦ lL would LargeL few of Lhe
sLudenLs (16Ʒ 32ţ000ţ000 ƹ $3ţ120ţ000)

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f°–°– ½¯°f€n¾ ¾ f¾°n f¾°–€  ½fn ¯ °  – f°  ¾ €¾½fn ¯f ¾ f  ½ n¾ff¾nf ° ¾n¯½ ¾ @½½¾¾f°–n¯½  f f°f– €€ ¾ f° °ff½ n°½ ¾ f ¾  ¾ ¾  ¯f°°–€½¯°fnf°°   f$¾nf¾  f– € €  ¾ °¾%      %   .

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