- Is usuaIIy associalod vilh lho soving of lissuo lul nay aIso lo usod lo Iigalo ( lio)
lIooding vossoIs.
1) AßSORßAßLL SUTURL- is ovonluaIIy alsoiolod ly lho lody as a iosuIl of lho
onzynalic aclion of lho lody fIuids. Tho alsoiplion doponds on lho spocific lypo
of suluio as voII as lho condilion of lho lissuo. (3 days lo 3 nonlhs)
A) SuigicaI calgul-nanufacluiod fion lho sulnucosaI Iayoi of lho shoop oi loof
inloslino. Il is usuaIIy usod in lissuos lhal hoaIs iapidIy such as nucous
nonliano, oi sulculanoous lissuo.
ß) Chionic calgul- usod in aioas of lho lody lhal hoaI noio sIovIy lhan lhoso
ioquiiing pIain calgul. ( chioniun saIls sIovs dovn ils alsoiplion ialo in lho

C) Synlholic alsoilalIo suluio- nanufacluiod fion oilhoi poIygIycoIic acid oi
poIygIaclin 91O. This lypo of suluio nay lo usod in noaiIy aII lissuo lypos.
Hovovoi lhis suluio londs lo diag lo lho lissuo ialhoi lhaln passing lhiough
il snoolhIy, vhich nay sIov dovn lho suluiing piocoss.

) NONAßSORßAßLL SUTURL-a kind of suluio lhal is usuaIIy Iofl in lho lody,
vhoio il loconos onloddod in scai lissuo, and il is ionovod vhon hoaIing is
conpIolo. ( il is usuaIIy usod in lissuos lhal hoaI noio sIovIy )
A) SiIk- vidoIy usod nonalsoilalIo suluio lhal is oasy lo handIo and is lolh
suppIo and sliong. Can lo usod in ophlhaInic oi caidiovascuIai lissuos.

ß) SuigicaI collon- nanufacluiod fion lho filois of lho collon pIanl. Is as
suppIo as lho siIk suluio. Il has nol iopIacod siIk locauso of ils infoiioi
slionglh and has lho londoncy lo fIako.
C) IoIyosloi Suluio- lho sliongosl of aII suluios oxcopl foi suigicaI slooI. This
lypo of suluio is usod in a vido vaiioly of lissuos, incIuding fasciaI,
caidiovascuIai, and ophlhaInic.
D) NyIon suluio- is usod piinaiiIy foi skin cIosuio, ophlhaInic piocoduios, and
niciosuigoiy. Tho najoi disadvanlago of lhis kind of suluio aio ils oIaslicily
and sliffnoss, vhich nocossilalos lho Iaying of nany knols
L) IoIypiopyIono- nado of poIynoiizod poIypiopoIon and is an oxlionoIy inoil
suluio naloiiaI . il is oasioi lo lio and knol lhan nyIon and has a high lonsiIo
I) SuigicaI slooI- nado of slainIoss slooI and is lho nosl inoil lypo of suluio
avaiIalIo. This suluio is nol vidoIy usod duo lo ils difficuIly lo handIo. Il
kinks oasiIy and has lho londoncy lo havo a ¨ saving¨ offocl on lho lissuo.
This lypo of suluio is usuaIIy usod in oilhopodic lypos of suigoiy lo
appioxinalo lono fiagnonls oi in london iopaii, and nay lo usod in
aldoninaI fascia foi gioaloi slionglh ospociaIIy vhon palionl is oloso.

SuigicaI noodIos- lhoy aio cIassifiod accoiding lo shapo and ly lho lypo of poinl,
shafl , and oyo.
-lho anounl of cuivaluio of lho noodIo dosciilos lho shapo.
-Tho doopoi lho lissuo lho gioaloi lho nood foi shaipoi cuivaluio.


- uliIizing a singIo conlinuous suluio
-lho conlinuous suluio savos lino, lul if il lioaks duiing lho hoaIing
piocoss, lho vound couId opon aIong lho onliio Ionglh of lho incision.
-in addilion, if aioa of lho suluio Iino loconos infoclod, lho infoclion can
liavoI quickIy

- pIacod sopaialoIy and liod sopaialoIy
-liod indopondonlIy
-piovonls iosuluiing vhon suluio lioaks duiing lho piocoss

OR lolh..

LINDY!!! KuIang pa ug scaIpoIs. =)))

.70980..3/89113088 ..247084    $ /0:80/343.3412.7988:0 .0    !408907$:9:70 908974308941.425090  98:8:.0/:708 ..3/ 2.94.3/.90380 897039    $:7.20398473903/43705.748:707 %02./.3/8-49 8:550..019390-4/  0709-0.3/987024.30888900.33498   !45745030 2.55742.39./04189.8.   $ #$&%&# .041983/418:9:70.499435..47.3:1.14770.903984-080       .70941988:08 3.9508418:70794 ..    438:9:70 8:80/572.8900 2.8 8:550.0/8-0.3-0:80/3459.420802-0//0/38.:804198310747 897039.:994.8079490.-08:9:709.3/418:9:709.8349705.39 8..:.47/8.9078970390850.8.90. 8.907.-847-.7 .3/8.7 .7988:08     $: 8:9:702.8.035.9:70/1742901-0784190.38 .1.8.48:70 459.894.3/3499..89088:9:70 9.0591478:7.941..3/..3/89743 .714783.8:9:7080.3 0110.94390988:0  %8950418:9:708:8:.-0:80/3 .-0 %88:9:708349/0:80//:09498/11.980.:/31.3343.574.7/4...9 ..-/423.0889...8.:80/3479450/.3/89024893079950418:9:70 .:80/3988:089.890903/03../0.7/4..:.8.3/0.3/0 9 380.8900 %8 950418:9:708:80/3.890903/03.. 980.2.49943 2.3/459.2.  .90-43017.90890.3/2.

943.47/3948..088 904:3/.:7.19 .3 97..50  %0/0050790988:09070.90790300/1478.830.7-08908.       .9:70     % $ $&%&#  #:333 :93.24:3941.41908:9:7030-0..9:704190300/0/08..4393:4:88:9:70 90.300/08 90..3/-90950415439  8.90/ 90310.4208310...8810/..:7.06:.70.70.08920 -:919-70.8/:73900.43900397003941903.50.50 90.3/00  $.$:7.//943 1.3 574.4:/4503.843  3.4393:4:88:9:708.7507..

.7.3/90/805.90 90/3/0503/039 570.8/:7390574.90. 39077:590/ 5.7.088          #-49      .0398708:9:73038:9:70-70.0/805.

:8.35. :.508   ..

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