28, 2011 Notice:

Official Challenge to Barack Obama being placed on the Georgia Primary Ballot
To: Georgia Secretary of State Brian P. Kemp From: Carl A. Swensson 6553 Pleasant Valley Dr. Morrow, Ga. 30260 Attn: Mr. Brian Kemp It has come to my attention your office has posted Barack Obama as the sole Democrat candidate for President on the Ga. Primary Ballot. This notice is my challenge and request he be removed from our ballot as he does not meet the minimum qualifications as set forth in Article II Section I Clause V concerning the Natural Born Citizen status. Jurisdiction falls squarely on the shoulders of your office as head of the Georgia Board of Elections and it is your sworn duty as a man of honor and Public Servant to protect and defend the Constitution. The very U.S. Constitution that is now under attack and assault by the DNC for having failed in their responsibility to submit an eligible candidate for inclusion on our ballot.

I have voiced this concern to you many times over the past year, citing Minor V Happersett 88 U.S. 162 (1875) but it would now appear as if those words of caution are going unheeded. Supporting SCOTUS cases have been scrubbed but are now re-surfacing thanks to the work of Leo Donofrio. Esq. and I would ask you and your research staff do your homework and look closely at Ex Parte Lockwood, 154 U.S. 116 (1894) (aka In Re Lockwood at Justia), is essentially the holy grail of support for Minor v. Happersett, as it states: “In Minor v. Happersett, 21 Wall. 162, this court held that the word „citizen‟ is often used to convey the idea of membership in a nation, and, in that sense, women, if born of citizen parents within the jurisdiction of the United States, have always been considered citizens of the United States, as much so before the adoption of the fourteenth amendment of the constitution as since…” (Emphasis added) and also the City of Mobile v. Bolden, 446 U.S. 55 (1980) I must bring these supporting cases for Minor V Happersett since your office has installed, as the chief arbiter, Former Central District U.S. Atty. Max Woods who has personally told me (see sworn affidavit attached) that even an “Anchor Baby” is eligible to hold the highest office in the

land. I see this as an affront to the sensibilities of all Georgians and a fraud upon her citizens that only your office can now rectify. Since we’re now talking of fraud, I must also add, to the mix, the use of a SS# from Connecticut by Mr. Obama (sworn affidavits from researchers Susan Daniels and Linda Jordan are attached) which was obtained while he was still living in Hawaii and still being used to this day. A number that, once plugged into the E-Verify database came back as not being verifiable. The SS# discrepancy is worthy of investigation. His Naturalization, if it ever occurred, is another issue since he was officially adopted by Indonesian Lolo Soetoro (Attached research paper is from Stephen Pidgeon, Atty.). These additional two issues alone would constitute the need for further investigation and documentation from the DNC. Admittedly, there is no Federal convening authority chartered with this responsibility which is why it falls squarely on the shoulders of this and every other State. You cannot fail us now and must uphold your Oath of Office by adhering to the Constitutional requirement that any candidate of the office of POTUS be a Natural Born Citizen. One of your main jobs is to make certain there is no election fraud. Do your Public service and be the man we elected to represent us. The fear our Politicians feel, coming from the Media, can be a concern but, in no way, absolves the Ga. SOS’s office from doing its duty. There is no easy way around this so my request is a simple one… Man up, remove Mr. Woods from his involvement with this oversight committee and adhere to your Oath of Office by doing what every other Politician is afraid to do. Demand documentation, proving once and for all, that this man is either eligible or not. Based on what has been offered as such documentation, by the White House, he is not. The eyes of the Nation are now upon you. Your timely response will be appreciated. I have cc’d Sam Olens on this in the fervent hope he will initiated an investigation into Voter Fraud in the 2008 and upcoming 2012 elections. As the saying goes, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”. Sincerely, Carl A. Swensson 678-438-6138
Cc: Sam Olens, Georgia Attorney General