Rules and Regulations

Players: 5v5 (4+GK). Field Size: touch lines – outside of black basketball. End lines – light gray basketball lines Goalie Box: sides - nearest gray basketball lane line. Top – nearest black line Subs: on the fly Time: 2-18 minute halves Halftime: 2 minutes and switch sides Rules: All restarts or kicks and are direct. Penalty: results in direct kick from full field with no goalie or defenders. Tackling: No slide tackling and No rough physical play Offsides: No off sides Corner kicks: We will take corner kicks. Walls : All Walls will be 5 yds back Goalie Distribution: all restarts either by throw or pass on the ground. . No Punting. Shoes: No cleats may be worn, flat soled athletic shoes only, and no black soled shoes that leave black marks Teams: Will be picked out of a hat at the team meeting. Players: no trading of players until trade window is open. Less than 4 players results in forfeit. If you have 4 players, you play with 4 players, no exchanging of players. Trade Window: 1 day – Monday January 23rd. Trades need to be communicated with the commissioner of the league and agreed upon by both captains. Bracket: See Blog Scores: Reported to the commissioner with amount of goals scored by each individual

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