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City of Mandeville
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Application - Police Deparbnent







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DriRr"s I.iceIIse 100_

(state of Issuance)

We censider aD applicants for all positionslVitbout regard" race, color. religion, creed, disabi6ty, marital or'V8f:erall ~ or any other legally pl'Dlected stabJs.

gender. uationaf origin, age,

I certifytltat answers given berein

are true and complete.

an employment

I authorize investigation of al staleIIIents contained in this appOcatIon for employment decisioa.

may be necessaIY in arrmng at

TbIs appDcafion for empIDJRIeDt sIIaII be considered active for a period of time not to exceed 6111ODIhs. Any app6cant wishing to be considered for emploJlnent beyoud this time period should iRcp.Iire as to whether or not applications are being accepted at that time..

I berebJunderstand and ackDNIedge that, unless otbenYise defined by applicable law, aay esuploJntent relationshfp with this organization Is of an aatwDI~ ~ which means Urat the Eaaployee may resign at aDJ time and the Employer may discbarge Employee at any time witb or wftbout cause.. It Is further IIftderstood that tiIis {fat wiD- empl_~_ .... relationship may not be changed lJyanywriften dDClllDeltt or by condIIct unless such chaDge Is specifically acknowledged in wrifingby an autborlzed exeCldiYe of this organization.



III the event of eqpioymeot, I understaDd tbat false or misleadiog lrd'umlaUon given In may application: or ioteniew(s) ~d,also, tbat I am required to abide by all ruJes and regulations oftbe~~er.






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-------~.~~-~-~-,------DEC 07,2009 01:49P 1 706 219 2109 page

law enfon:emeDt authority Name andAddress _ Of School HighSchool Undergraduate -so"..t~ ~~ <i.. disposition: _ incIutfiug: Nature of charge.2009 ... _\.._-a._\ lk. give date Are you currently employed? _ ©©t0W' 'l-O~ OVe$ May we contact your present employer? ORwhat date would you be available for work? Are Are you aYailable to ._~.-t.Dec 07 09 04:33p TONY MARINO 1-700-213-2109 p..'( U\5J Lf.....E'-~t:>~ LJ.:i.u. "&tHO involved..Wr ~ ~DI:'\"4-~ <..l~ ~~ 4 2- Graduate or Professional Po6ce Related Training -ST. ~ ."lZ-tt:\. Conege G:~... give date Have you ever been empIoJed lJyus before? IfYes.-02:30P 1 706 219 2109 page . ..~ ~ NT t=L. 4 . g1v'e fuJI details. :tro..--- ~S Other (Specify) tL~4g .. ~~~. . read andjorwrite GOOD FAIR _ FWEffF SPEAK RFAD WRIIE DEC 07.\_ 1::~iUl~~ \<.3 Are you at least 21 years of age? Have you filed an application with us before? DYa DYes '\n No 's"O ~ ORo If Yes..rms~ l_)N\J'SlS~ •• ~: Study Course of YeaIS ConapIeted Diploma Degree 4- r-e. date and location.l~ llJ'S.. _ _ ~~ languages you caR speak.:.. rC \~·c~\C\(?~l:>~'S. c._ .~TLr Indicate any foreign '"1_1\.:/" DYes ~NO kW? o Part Time ~ flo you prevented from IawfuDyhecomiag employed inthis c:oUDlry because ofY"JSa or Intmigrafion status? PmofofcJlfzensldp orh1lllli!fralltHI status will be 1'I!lIllil'whlptlll DYes DYes Have JOU ever been eomided of a felony? IfYes.~ .~ ~ -::0 ""-~1u.."2.1\.ode ~~ eIIIfJ/o¥JReIIt eDYes~l.

~~~~ ~\ . se\A.4 .SmuIarize special job-related stills and qUaIi6cations Acquired from empIoJnaent or other experience. \r-i O~"""~~(\Cs'\I?>'- ?b'"i:...-\-\:P~\op. P \\<Qr-1~\%.~R.\\&\ (!o~~~"i.lT ~. ~ 6Q 'J'blu.c. ""~M~~ ~erw~ l>~gt'"\.~~ -+.~ \?~'> I?~ ~~"Sll'>~\ ~~ (C~.l~.""5"lt-oJ(i tfil.'$ 'L'S~LO~6.a-cnmcataracti'llties. stiRs ami Describe any job-related States murtary.t- <.~ a"R.DescrilJe any specfafaed mining.Dec 07 09 04:40p TONY MARINO 1-706-219-2109 p.2009 02:31P 1 706 219 2109 page . ~\J~ ~"i:rt.CbeckSkllsjEquipment Operated o o PC Typewriter Calculator Typewriter o o o Word Woidperfect o DEC 07.\scu:u..\og p' ~O~~ ~ ~ '£n. O~\~ sP Th~~' ~-s<. training reooived in the United NOlE: COPY OF DD 214 REQUIRED Olber QuaUfications . appl'eflfi~~ extr..£.k Spe~zed Skils.

. natioual orig"m.. Dates Employed fnHB: Telephone Number(s) --. please continue DR a separate sheet Gf paper... ~. .Jo~ - Employer Address Telepbone Number(s) Job1itle IPUDediate Supenisur Dates Employed From: WorkPerfomaed To: HolIIfy Rate StartiDg Pay.If .lOO ImmediateSuperviso~ - -l. ~~job-reIaIed exclude organizations that indicate ra. DEC 07. Reason for Leavtng Employer RnaIPay: Dates Employed WOIk Performed Address Telephone Htmtber{s) lobTdIe Immediate SUpervisor ReasoR far Leaving From: To: HoorIyRafe starIIngPay: RnaJPay: IfJOll need add"ltionai space..pres-ent: or last Job.o\r)~ 0_ lZ)\~ \.2009 01:52P 1 706 219 2109 page . 7PJ D I mDitalYserrice assignments and mlWlfeeractiviHes.attach copy • .l Emptoyment Experieace Startwitb your'.dfsabilities orotfter protected status.0 ~A -. WoO: Perfvrmed - O~lODCD .Dec 07 09 04:01p TONY MARIHO 1-706-219-2109 p. You may er.- 1- u.2. Include military service .

lc 2. t.1 -') 0: \ ~~"'~ DIn.Dec 07 09 03:S8p TONY MARINO 1-706-219-2109 p..J ~1:L . LA.e.4 ~ J~'-P~_~ ~:""::: 4 DEC 07. ~~lo4 ~\.2009 01:48P 1 706 219 2109 page .11) 0(: ~ of:.31 Oi ~': KaJ J t'"\ '1~'S'". ...~o .J II. f>~n.

Chief Moss demonstrated a remarkable talent for leading a department that was evolving from a small town department to a professional and modem police department.fY Competencies and Relevant Experiences overt and covert field operations. and he had a determination to assign the right people to the right job: as Chief Moss raised public relations from rhetoric to action Bill Majure. KY San Diego. I was so TIlANKFUl to see our new Chief was the type everyone in the room wanted to meet and talk with. }f M H11'~!JIT1J t.:JLV Cama::. Moss . training. I was engaged to transform the agency from a traditional enforcement approach to a community oriented outcome focused model.Louisville. organizational assessment and transformation.. operational objectives and community progrnmming. During my tenure I expanded staffing by reclassification and restructuring to strategically deploy resources in accordance with defined goals..c ro~. Q~..:~ !£®'b !. Chamblee GA & former City Manager of Woodstock GA "Though his positions at any given time may not have been the most popular with certain constituencies.: . a very sharp individual . liability reduction • event planning and incident management.1 million Richard S. y career profile reflects a history of ntJ~~9:£:W11.J1n_.'~.Miami Gardens.Miami Gardens. implementation of accountability metrics • human capital development "The first time I met Chief Moss. In addition to field and investigative operational oversight my responsibilities entailed professional compJiance.. RICHARD SETH MOSS. yet knew when to lighten up . 11 tF'o:. so others around him always felt they were speaking to a friend .' John Szczesniak President Brookshire HOA "There are two of Ric's strength I hope you write into the job description. their business. asset procurement and management.2009 Chief of Police Woodstock... policy development and implementation. policy formulation • budget compilation and management • media and community relations • outcome oriented performance improvement. BA Criminal Justice MS Management Southern Police Institute Education St Thomas University . accreditation. incident planning and management. ~ tuition.000 residents and 1200 businesses within 12 square miles. President Kingsgate HOA "ln the two plus years he served. who spoke in a most professional manner.." City Manager Jim Gleason. Georgia The police department serves a community of approximately 25. collaboration and foresight Applying community and professional core~.. media and community relations.0 . FL Center for Creative Leadership University of Louisville . creating /~ ~ative practices and a defined sense of direction and strategic vision. Chief Moss always advised the Council on what he believed to be the best interest of the city based on his fine-tuned understanding of the Council's vision.-". improve communication. ? ). President CCIA Inc.r> ~ IU:' (lEC I) 'I 2~~. CA Employment & History 2006 . perspective and humility I attribute my achievements to cultivating talent. City of Woodstock. theirfamily . community planning and development and management of the municipal court system. Ric moved the department forward under what were tough environment and budgetary circumstances.. In his first weeks as Chief of Police he was already bringing proposals to the table to reduce overhead.. 54 sworn and 10 civilian Budget allocation: FY2008-09 $4.' Councilman Steve Faris._eDbatlCing capacity. experience and innovative ideas. "Ric Moss is an independent thinker and brought a wealth of knowledge._~'. strategic planning and facilitation. organize redundant positions in the force and create a great sense of pride in the city.. one that cared about them.~.. FL St Thomas University . Personnel allocation: 64 total positions. BA MSM t Ult r~ fUU). and our community: larry Eubanks.9f.i"""". staffing.

Commander / County and Domestic Security Port Evemlades The Operations Commander oversees deployment of more than 100 police and civilian personnel including the harbor patrol. fatal accident investigation team. ordinance and narcotics K9 unit and contracted security providers. foot patrol programs Instituted lethal force alternatives i. 2 Kg units. public defender.-_. electronic control devices (Tasers) Instituted employee tuition reimbursement and internships with local colleges Assigned officer to academy full time and implemented PTO training model (0 r>. wireless infrastructure and data integration with county sheriff.2006 Broward County Sheriffs Office Fort Lauderdale Florida The Broward Sheriffs Office. productivity analysis and accountability process (RAPID) Established assigned vehicle and capital asset management programs Established motor cycle. Significant routine interaction with federal and state agencies. probation monitoring and telecommunications to 17 municipalities by contract and the unincorporated areas.RICHARD SETH MOSS. fire-rescue service. 0J. 10 criminal investigators. crisis intervention specializafion./ J if Revised policy and procedure manual. Acquisition cost of $650.000 • • • • • • • • • • • Instituted race and gender enforcement analysis ~ ( Instituted routine stakeholder satisfaction surveys ". Moss . This encompasses the international airport.. ICMA performance benchmark program. agency state Milestones: • Developed RFP for Records Management System.000 employees provides police protection. . Port Everglades seaport and 4 judicial complexes. minority population outreach.t _)etcmai!. SWAT and incident response protocols Proactive media strategy. These differences however were not limited to the police department as the Director of Public Works and City Engineer also resigned in the same period. 2 mounted units. 8 tactical operatives and budget of $35 million dollars.. GJ\ 30114 . Consequently in best interest of the City and my career path I resigned my position with substantial severance. revised promotional criteria Established interagency traffic incident response team. the fourth largest county agency in the US with more than 6. implemented GMA liability reduction program. US Coast Guard and CBP assets • Instituted proactive measures to interdict contraband and enhance overall physical security of the Port and affiliated properties • Revised unusual and catastrophic incident plans in conjunction with fire rescue division East Area Commander/City of Pompano Beach The East Area Commander administers 113 sworn personnel including 3 marine units.7iJ \W Compensation: $91.000 annually . solicitor general and district attorney. Milestones: • Homeland Security liaison and Facility Safety Officer (MTSA) working with US Naval. During my tenure I served in the following capacities responsible for up to 113 sworn and civilian personnel and budgets in excess of $15 million. BA MSM Canton.. tenants of the facility. 1983 . commercial vehicle enforcement and driver education initiatives Instituted geographic crime trend. Milestones: • Established civilian volunteer component of the Marine Unit • Instituted homeless outreach initiative in conjunction with social service providers Richard s.e. passenger and cargo carriers. expanded community awareness programs. bicycle. Reason for leaving: The new city manager and t had differences in terms of vision for the agency and managerial philosophy. juvenile diversion and domestic violence intervention.

Moss ':I .000 Reason for leaving: Accepted appointment as Chief of Police. Jasper GA Richard S. Organized Crime Narcotics. cultural festivals and concerts Coordinator of annual employee and citizen appreciation program o~ District Deputy Chief I Central Broward Command The Deputy Chief oversees a staff of 81 deputies approximately $15 million dollars. K9. Business Association District Deputy Chief I City of Lauderdale Lakes The Deputy Chief has operational and administrative responsibility employees and a budget of slightly over $6 million dollars. Woodstock GA Academic Leadership Public Safety Leadership Advisory Board Reinhardt College. BA MSM • • • • Oversight of threat assessments of a regional airport. Waleska GA Adjunct Faculty Leadership & Management Development & Criminal Justice Advisory Board Appalachian Technical College. mphitheatre. tau fair. CrimeStoppers Compensation: $91. Budget and Policy Development • SRT Hostage Negotiator • Supervisor Community Policing Unit • Supervisor Training and Organizational Development • Supervisor Strategic Investigations Unit Deputy Sheriff Patrol Services. for a staff of 61 sworn and civilian Milestones • Administered LLEBG. PUbl~~~. HIDTA & SAFE STREETS grants resulting in 30% crime reduction • Focus group facilitator on public safety and community redevelopment issues • Drafted false alann ordinance ultimately used as model for adjacent jurisdictions • Liaison with Urban League establishing youth mentoring centers in targeted areas Sergeant • Assistant Division Commander I Consolidated Communications Center • Assistant to Department of Law Enforcement Director..RICHARD SETH MOSS.@\ and regional retail mall '0'! Instituted regular stakeholder quality assurance process based n model Commanded resources during hurricanes. major investigations.~. and civilian employees with an annual budget of Milestones: • Developed process to create "ownership" and accountability using data analysis to forecast crime trends and the deployment offield personnel which resulted in a 24% crime reduction • Compiled infrastructure threat assessment relative to domestic security target hardening • Expanded code enforcement by law enforcement personnel contributing to overall community quality • Instituted program to improve perception and relationship with minority population(s) • Coordinated funding and construction of two community substations • Increased use of bicycle and foot deployments as part of federal funded "Weed and Seed" operations • Assisted in forming the Broward Blvd.

Washington DC Trainer/consultant W.. Miami FL Leadership Failure. Sterling Virginia Recruit evaluaior and tactical operations training Middlesex County Police Academy. Oklahoma City OK Crime Scene Management for the First Responder New Hampshire EMS Training Conference Drug Unit Commanders School. rH 14. -dletcmail. Street Level Enforcement Methods United States Drug EnforcementAdministration. Moss <II . Institute of Public Safety. Vice President 2003 Executive Board 1990 to 1996 President 1988 to 1990 Cherokee County Multi Agency Narcotics Squad Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police Southern Police Institute Florida Alumni Association Fraternal Order of Police Florida State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police Broward Sheriffs' Lodge Richard S. Pompano Beach Florida Adjunct Faculty. Ft. Edison New Jersey ~© . GA Medical College Department of Public Safety Field Training Program Curriculum Revision Committee Florida Department of Law Enforcement.ft5l 0 LP rr Consultations and Public Engagements Ethics. Inc. FTO Program Coordinator Broward Community College._ Training. Schools of Social Sciences and Business Sl Thomas University. Tallahassee FL Organizational Leadership Co Chair 2007 Agency Assessor President 2004. Washington DC Research Associate Center for Criminal Justice Studies. consultation and promotional examinations for clients in the US and Caribbean Adjunct Faculty. Coral Springs FL Career Pathing Models Ethical Management in the Criminal Justice Environment Criminal Justice Trainers Association Annual Conference. Gilmer County GA Sheriffs Office.. Harris and Associates. Pooler GA Police Department. strategies for Law Enforcement Managers Georgia Association Chiefs of Police Continuing Education Program Graduation Keynote Address North Georgia Regional Law Enforcement Academy. Fort Lauderdale Florida ~ Job Task Analysis and Test Development subcommittees National Law Enforcement Credentialing Board.3>- Canton. Charlotte County Florida Sheriffs Office. Jacksonville Florida Sheriffs Office.. Miami FL strategies for Lodge Leaders Florida Fraternal Order of Police Crack Cocaine Enforcement Methods Florida Sheriffs' Association Statewide Training Initiative Keynote Speaker Annual Banquet "Terrorism in Floridan Facilitator / Trainer "Law Enforcement Response to Hate Crimes" South Florida Chapter Anti-Defamation Adjunct Faculty. Austell GA Collaborative Community Enforcement National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives Conference. Quantico VA Promotional and Agency Assessments Jefferson County Alabama Personnel Board.RICHARD SETH MOSS. Miami Gardens Florida CEOlManaging Director/Law Enforcement Training Services. Lauderdale FL Street Level Drug Enforcement strategies Florida Association of State Attorneys. GA .. VVhy Executives Derail National Intelligence Academy. BA MSM ---• . Business and Criminal Justice Divisions Florida Metropolitan University.

NJ Gr~~Jl>Iad. Cobb County Chiefs Association Certifications Facility Safety Officer (MTSA-OHS) Hostage Negotiations K9 Operations Firearms Instructor Handgun Retention Instructor Labor Relations & Collective Bargaining Certification Assessor. 1986 Captain. Lake Park FL NO~ Vot. Broward County Chiefs Association. Fire Department. Police Executive Research Forum. Broward County School Board Letter of Appreciation References City Manager Chamblee GA Police Commander (ret) Sl Thomas University Mayor. Life Saving Award (2) • Deputy of the President. 1977-81 Crew Chief. 1981 Lieutenant.I: . GA :~M A ~ "wetcmail. International ~~ci¥on of Chiefs of Police.RICHARD SETH MOSS1 BA MSM Canton. Georgia NIMS-ICS Fire & Arson Investigation Critical Incident Debriefing Workplace Violence Coaching and Teambuilding Kinesic Interview Techniques Sex Crimes Investigations Field Force Operations Street Gang Subcultures Terrorist Motivations Domestic Violence Conducting Covert Operations Awards & Recognitions City of Lauderdale Lakes Proclamation (2) • Broward Sheriffs Office Grand Cordon Achievement Award • Sheriffs Special Recognition Award. City of Pompano Beach Chief of Police (ret) Jim Gleason Phillip Amabile Stuart Saltzman. ESQ lamar Fisher Martin Rahinsky 770-986-5013 954-553-5746 305-623-2325 954-931-0585 954-881-3831 Richard S_ Moss . Georgia Response to HazMat Incidents Managing Police Training Grant Writing Field Training Officer Internal Affairs Investigations Advanced Interviews & Interrogations Media Relations White Collar Crime Investigations Clandestine Laboratories FLETC Ethics Colloquy for Law Enforcement Training in the Affective Domain & Specialty Training Arson Investigation Tactical Operations Narcotics Investigations Law Enforcement Instructor EVO Instructor Certification Manager. NJ International City County Managers Association. International Who's Who of Professionals. National "Top Cops" nominee. USCBP Letter of Appreciation. 1975-81 United Civic Associations of Broward County Lake Park Fire Department. Deputy of the Month. USDEA Certificate of Appreciation • NYPD Letter of Appreciation • Southern Chapter of the Anti-Defamation League Letter of Appreciation.

LA 70448 RE CHIEF OF POUCE cnv OF RECEIVED W-NDEVlLLE .CHIEF RICHARD S... individual performance is bench ma rked .. MOSS. Chief of Police in an Atlanta suburb. management consultant and college faculty member I am adept at ensuring services are delivered equitability.• :". In 2008 we achieved state certification for demonstrating compliance with more than 100 standards. The RAPID (Reactive And Proactive Initiated Deployment) process I instituted in Woodstock within 18 months helped to reduce reported crime by 12%. secured funding to enhance our records management/CAD platform capable of wireless data transfer. technology enhances capability and relations with the media are stable. BA MSM Mayor Eddie Price Council President Tribley Lenfant City of Mandeville 3101 East Causeway Approach Mandeville. innovation and opportunity. I therefore look forward to meeting both of you as the process moves forward. coordinated police services during hurricanes and tornadoes. While confident I can provide the leadership and vision your police department merits. integrity. community perception is acknowledged. drafted legislation and worked with community planners to create a solvent infrastructure. Canton. I have planned and managed large scale public events. there must be a synergy between the governing body and Chief that generally can only be assessed face to face. leverages the strengths of department personnel and inherent community pride to create an organization that values commitment. organizational design supports department function. Our community outreach and intervention programs for juvenile offenders and domestic violence victims are now models for other agencies and our critical incident response protocols are ICS-NIMS compliant. RKEIVED Pursuant to my telephone conversation with Council President Lenfant last week while I understand the City is contemplating use of a consultant in the process I appreciate the invitation to provide you with my professional and academic qualifications for . allows the public to enter and retrieve various reports on line. collaboration and transparency.:tOWARD J PRICE ill Dear Mayor and President. expenditures are prioritized. professional trainer. As a commanding officer in an agency of more than 5000 employees. My success predicated on accountability. Georgia 3011q ])etcma iI. interaction between labor and management is productive. predictive crime analysis and. motor vehicle accidents by 10% and complaints against police personnel by 24%. Critical to being able to fulfill our mission is the recognition that all public safety initiatives must be clearly defined and outcome based to gamer and sustain public confidence in government.

training and development of all personnel • Adherence to community and professional core values I am often asked to speak publicly or assist other agencies to include North Georgia Regional Law Enforcement Academy. Moss 1 . Jacksonville Florida Sheriff's Office and Charlotte County Florida Sheriffs Office. Sheriffs Special Recognition Award. Southern Police Institute. President Kingsgate to HOA In 2007 Chief Moss was profiled in a white paper on leadership by Lieutenant Kevin Granville of the Broward County Sheriffs Office attending the University of Louisville. National Intelligence Academy. ~Ric Moss is an independent thinker and brought a wealth of knowledge.corn I am a passionate leader and administrator with a history of decisiveness and stability in times of crisis. improve communication. Administrative Officers Course Richard S. experience and innovative ideas. New Hampshire EMS Training Conference. building consensus and respecting diversity. I believe strongly in mentoring and recognize the value of continuously looking for opportunities to deliver services more effectively and efficiently. n John Szczesniak Brookshire HOA PreSident I look to create an environment capable of surmounting current and forecasted challenges by applying these fundamental principles • Clearly defined expectations.and our community. ~ etcrnail. who spoke in a most professional manner. Jefferson County Alabama Personnel Board. In his first weeks as Chief of Po/ice he was already bringing proposals to the table to reduce overhead. a very sharp individual . USCBP Letter of Appreciation. Broward County School Board Letter of Appreciation 'There are two of Ric's strength J hope you write into the job description.. " Larry Eubanks. ~ Moss raised public relations from rhetoric BifTMajure. .. National lOP Cops" nominee. Life Saving Award (2). International Who's Who of Professionals 1996. yet knew when to lighten up •. Florida Fraternal Order of Police. so others around him always felt they were speaking to a friend .. Florida Association of State Attorneys. United States Drug Enforcement Administration. Criminal Justice Trainers Association. Deputy of the Year 1995. I was so THANKFUL to see our new Chief was the type evetyOne in the room wanted to meet and talk with. vision and a commitment to making a difference in the organizations I command. their bUsiness. as Chief action and he had a determination to assign the right people to the right job. one that cared about them. Southern Chapter of the Anti-Defamation League.Canton.·articulated standards and measured accountability • Collaborative visioning and strategic planning • Investing in the education. US Drug Enforcement Administration "The first time I met Chief Moss. Letter of Appreciation Anti-Defamation League. organize redundant positions in the force and create a great sense of pride in the city. I affect change by forging relationships. National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives. And have been recognized for my contributions City of Lauderdale Lakes Proclamation. USDEA Certificate of Appreciation. Georgia 30114 <. their family . NYPD Letter of Appreciation..•. Sheriffs Office Grand Cordon Achievement Award. My advancement through the ranks of law enforcement up to Chief of Police and as President of two professional associations reflect integrity. Florida Sheriffs' Association. the communities I serve and the people I lead. President CCIA Inc. Deputy of the Month. National Intelligence Academy.

regional mall. parades and major crime scenes • • • • • Operations • • • • • • • • Fiscal Administration • • • Drafted local legislation for alarm systems. Youth Explorer Program. former City Manager of Woodstock GA )V Organizational Design and Human Resource Development • • • • • • • • Revised organization structure to eliminate non essential positions. motorcycle unit. county fair. concerts. City Manager Chamblee GA. police officer trading cards fully funded by local businesses Convened Police Citizen Advisory Board to broaden perspective of staff Expanded code enforcement by law enforcement personnel Instituted program to enhance police minority relationships Served as City of Lauderdale Lakes focus group facilitator for public safety and community redevelopment as part of their WE CARE initiative Expanded headquarters hours of operation to facilitate public access at no additional cost Implemented foot & bicycle patrols to enhance visibility. civilian Marine Unit Support Group. Ric moved the department forward under what were tough environment and budgetary circumstances. Neighborhood Watch. CMlian Police Academy. regional airport. program Received funding for additional sworn & civilian personnel. cultural/ethnic festivals. Honor Guard. hurricanes. juvenile offender diversion and domestic Violence intervention. Instituted annual employee recognition ceremony and college tuition reimbursement Communitv Outreach • • • Instituted accountability and zone management model Coordinated funding and construction of two community outreach facilities Implemented stakeholder surveys. motor vehicle towing. Volunteers in Police Service program. Moss • 2 .\C5) \' /!}) <c:> -r::« U "In the two plus years he served. staff attendance at homeowners/civic association meetings. Crisis Intervention Specialist and ECO's (Tasers) Assigned an officer to the academy full time to enhance training opportunities. LLEBG. standardized firearms and Electronic Control Devices Administered HIDTA. BOJA BVP and Byrne grants Richard S. animal control.g. incidents and natural disasters e. financial institution security. civic center/amphitheatre. marina. technology.Key Achievements (~~. public alcohol consumption and sales Adopted Georgia Municipal Association Liability Reduction and ICMA Performance Benchmark. community interaction and fuel conservation Used crime analysis to target areas as part of 'Weed and Seed" deployment Chaired committee to enhance critical incident response by emergency services and private service providers. Community Night Against Crime. Chief Moss demonstrated a remarkable talent for leading iJepartment that was evolving from a small town department to a professional and modem police department. SALT. assigned vehicle program. established telecommunicatons protocols Initiated police participation in community planning.g. commercial vehicle enforcement. n Jim Gleason. pOlicy revisions and audits of assets and financial accounts Instituted lethal force alternatives e. LPGILNG storage facility and power grids Direct responsibility for events. GREAT program. code enforcement and occupational licensing Acquired technology for wireless infrastructure supporting RMS and CAD Established Crime Suppression Unit to proactively address street level crimes Marshaled threat assessment of critical infrastructures e. SAFE STREETS.g. college tuition reimbursement. converted sworn officer to civilian positions in order to reallocate personnel to law enforcement activities in the field Revised hiring and promotional assessments to reflect contemporary core competencies Established internship programs with two colleges Adopted contemporary PTO field training curriculum Guided GACP certification.

2 mounted units. February 2000-January 2001 Deputy District Chief / Central Broward Command / Broward Sheriffs Office The Central Broward Command serves a culturally diverse population of approximately 25.000 residents. February 1989 . Florida 1995 University of Louisville . Patrol .Employment History 'Though his positions at any given time may not have been the most popular with certain constituencies. Judicial Services. serves as the Facility Safety Officer (MTSA) and coordinates site security for the McDonalds Air and Sea Show and USN Fleet Week. The Operations Commander is the liaison to the Regional Domestic Security Task Force. Due to a 27% crime reduction in 2001 the command received the Sheriffs Special Recognition Award August 199B-February 2000 Deputy District Chief / City of Lauderdale Lakes / Broward Sheriffs Office The City of Lauderdale Lakes is a multi-cultural community with approximately 28. Moss 3 . USN. Councilman City of Woodstock September 2006. criminal and special investigations commanders. Assistant to Director for budget and policy development.March 2006 Deputy District Chief / City of Pompano Beach / Broward Sheriff's Office The largest municipal contract in SSO with a population over 100. California 1998 certifications in New Jersey (1978). USCG and CSP. MuniCipal contract transition team. CrimeStoppers Education SA Criminal Justice MS Management Southern Police Institute Center for Creative Leadership law enforcement St Thomas University . 8 sergeants. Community Policing Unit.1 million. The Deputy District Chief oversees a staff of 2 shift commanders. Kg • Organized Crime Narcotics. 10 criminal investigators and 8 tactical operatives. Georgia Police Department The department has an authorized compliment of 64 sworn and civilian (Police and MuniCipal Court) personnel and in FY2008-09 an operating budget of $4. the East Area is serviced by 113 sworn personnel including 3 marine units.April 2009 Chief of Police I Woodstock.000 police.000 and a commuting population of an estimated 75. Chief flllOss always advised the CounCl7 on what he believed to be the best interest of the city based on his nne-tuned understanding of the Council'S vision. 62 deputies and 4 civilian employees and manages an annual budget of approximately 15 million dollars. Florida (1981) and Georgia (2006) Richard S.Miami." Steve Faris.Speciallnvestigations November 1983 .August 1998 Sergeant / Broward Sheriff's Office Executive Officer Communications Division. fire and rescue employees secures the port and Sroward County Convention Center with 100 sworn and civilian personnel and includes harbor patrol. Pori Everolades / Broward Sheriff's Office The Sheriffs Office an agency of more than 5.1991 San Diego. March 2006-September 2006 Commander / County and Domestic Security.000 motorists daily. 2 K9 units. The Deputy District Chief has operational and administrative responsibility for a staff of 61 sworn and civilian employees and a budget of slightly over 6 million dollars. Training and Organizational Development Unit. K9 and contract security providers.000 and more than 5000 businesses. Florida 1993 St Thomas University . January 2001.February 1989 Deputy Sheriff / Broward Sheriff's Office! Patrol Services.Miami.

Washington DC Job Task Analysis and Test Development subcommittees USDOOJ Ethics Colloquy Center for Criminal Justice studies. Miami Florida Adjunct Faculty.(Q) '0-7 <z:» u r~rt===\\ U 2008 Law Enforcement Training Services. Thomas University. 1991-2007 CEOlManaging Director. FTO program coordinator WH. Institute of Public Safety. Sterling Virginia Trainer/consultant for national clientele Middlesex County Police Academy. Moss 4 .Academic Affiliations Reinhardt College. Georgia NIMS-ICS Professional Associations Southern Police Institute Florida Alumni Association President 2004. Duluth GA Staff Instructor. Washington DC Law enforcement oriented research for FOP. Inc. Vice President 2003 Fraternal Order of Police Florida State Lodge Executive Board 1990 to 1996 Fraternal Order of Police Broward Sheriffs' Lodge President 1988 to 1990 Cherokee Multi Agency Narcotics Squad Co Chair FDLE Field Training Officer Curriculum Revision Group International City County Managers Association International Association of Chiefs of Police Police Executive Research Forum Georgia Chiefs of Police Association Richard S. Jasper & Woodstock Campus 2006-2008 Adjunct Faculty. Ethics Program Florida Metropolitan University. Leadership & Management Development and Criminal Justice Advisory Board Georgia Association Chiefs of Police. Fort Lauderdale Florida Adjunct Faculty. Business and Criminal Justice Divisions St. Harris and Associates. trainer and consultant for national and Canbbean clientele Appalachian Technical Col/ege. Pompano Beach Florida Adjunct Faculty. School of Social Sciences and School of Business National Law Enforcement Credentialing Board. IACP. Edison New Jersey 2007 -present 2003-2006 1995-2006 1995-96 1992 1991-95 1985-2006 1988-1990 1979-81 Recruit evaluator and tactical operations training Certifications Facility Safety Officer (MTSA-OHS) Hostage Negotiator Kg Handler Firearms Instructor Handgun Retention Instructor Labor Relations & Collective Bargaining Certification Assessor. NSA 8roward Community College. Georgia & Specialty Training Arson Investigation Tactical Operations NarcOtics Investigations Law Enforcement Instructor EVO Instructor Certification Manager. North Fulton Campus Public Safety Leadership Advisory Board (0(0 .

ESQ James Gleason Winter Gardens Police Department. Branchburg Township New Jersey North Branch NJ Volunteer Fire Department .J\'/ Qeferences Chief George Brennan Stuart Saltzman.Captain Police Chiefs Selection Committee. Sunrise Florida Lake Park Florida Fire Department . Florida Sl Thomas University Law School Faculty City Manager Chamblee Georgia Richard S.'\"f Community InVOlvem~@ Woodstock Community Business Association Woodstock Optimist Club Drug Free Cherokee Youth Athletic Coach. Moss 5 .Lieutenant Green Knoll NJ Volunteer Rescue Squad .Crew Chief V006-2008 2006-2008 2006-2008 1997-1999 1981-1982 1980 1976-1981 1975-1981 fJ.

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