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New Socialism

New Socialism


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Published by Mark Tutone
New Socialism is very relevant to our time.
New Socialism is very relevant to our time.

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Published by: Mark Tutone on Oct 20, 2008
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We have now completed the presentation of our views on the organising prin-
ciples of a new socialist economy and society. In this final chapter we offer
some responses to various contrary arguments that have been put forward by
socialist writers over recent years. These responses are organised under two
themes: distribution, values and prices; and the possibility of market socialism.
Both of the themes connect in one way or another with the issue of markets
and socialism. Under the first head, we defend our proposal for a market in
consumer goods (spelled out in chapter 8). A market of this type, we argue, is
essential for ensuring that the plan targets are continually adjusted in the light
of consumers’ preferences. In the second section of this chapter, however, we
sharply distinguish our own ‘market’ proposal from ‘market socialism’ as such.
We examine two examples of market socialist proposals from recent years, and
find them wanting in relation to the basic aims of socialism.

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