DataStage <ODS_DB_AUDITTIME> Description: The job ODS_DB_AUDITTIME is a multiple instance job.

This job will give the last successful execution date of main job which is passed through sequence as input parameter value for #jpJobName#. Inputs: Database table - #$EDW_Schema#.AUDIT_JOB_CONTROL Output: N/A Job Explanation: Processing Steps: 1. The job extracts the max of start_datetime value from database table AUD IT_JOB_CONTROL to get last successful execution date for passed job name and sen ds to the transformer stage Xfm_Maxdate. 2. If the source query returns any value from AUDIT_JOB_CONTROL table then the routine CallSetUserStatus1 is assigned the date value else 0 is passed. 3. The Dummy flat file is used to do nothing. Datastage < ODS_UV_AUDIT > Description: This job maintains main job execution details. Inputs: Folder Output: Database Tables #$EDW_Schema#.AUDIT_JOB_CONTROL, #$EDW_Schema#.AUDIT_JOB_CONTROLS_LINKS. Job Explanation: Processing Steps: 1. The folder stage extracts the data from the folder generated by the subr outine DSJobReport. 2. The input Xml stage PARSNG_XML_DATA is used to parse the xml into column s. 3. The transformer SIMPLE_XFORM is reads the output data from PARSNG_XML_DA TA and does the lookup from hash file DS_JOB which contained the individual JOBI D on the basis of Job Name. 4. The transformer SIMPLE_XFORM circulates the output to sequential file Se quential_File_85 and the aggregator stage AUDIT_JOB_AGGR. 5. The aggregator stage AUDIT_JOB_AGGR sends the output after performing gr ouping and other operations to transformer AUDIT_JOB_XFORM. 6. The transformer AUDIT_JOB_XFORM sends the data to hash file AUDIT_JOB_CO NTROL_LKP and to the OCI stage AUDIT_JOB_CONTROL. 7. The OCI stage AUDIT_JOB_CONTROL inserts the data into the Audit_Job_Cont rol table. 8. The transformer stage COMPLETE_LINKS_TABLE look up the generated sequent ial file Sequential_File_85 and hash file AUDIT_JOB_CONTROL_LKP and sends the ou tput to OCI stage AUDIT_JOB_CONTROL_LINKS. The OCI stage inserts the records into the Audit_Job_Control_Lnks table.

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