Report On “Wi-Fi”


Performed By Neeraj Goswami(063) Ashok Satiya(070) Rohit Sharma(093) Pawan Dutt(034) .

Introduction  Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity. .  Computers can connect to networks without need for cables. wireless technologies gradually widely accepted.  After 1999. 1st wireless system was developed.  A Radio technology that networks the devices.  Early 1990’s.

11b specification.  Provides easy connection to the internet and business networks while traveling. . Refer to wireless LAN products based on IEEE 802.  The main attractive feature of this technology is that it can provide wireless broadband connection within a specific geographic boundary.

 An access point acts as a base station. .  A single access point can support up to 30 users and can function within a range of 100-150 feet indoors and up to 300 feet outdoors.  Multi access point can be connected to each other via Ethernet cables to create a single large network.  When Wi-Fi is enable device encounters a hotspot that device can then connect to that network wirelessly.Building a Wi-Fi  A Wi-Fi hotspot is created by installing a access point to an internet connection.

Wi-Fi Topology Internet Wi-Fi Router .

 The common key lengths are currently 128.  WPA Wi-Fi Protected Access as an early version of the 802.  As its name implies. . this standard was intended to make wireless networks as secure as wired networks.and 256bit.Wi-Fi Security  WEP stands for Wired Equivalency Privacy.11i security standard that was developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to replace WEP.

Wi-Fi Setup .

Look for web sites that offer secure connectons.Wireless Do’s Use a virtual private network (VPN) connection whenever possible. Look for wireless networks that use Wi-Fi Protected Access. .

 Connect to “ad hoc” or “peer-to-peer” wireless connection.Wireless Don’ts  Connect to just any public Wi-Fi network you find. .  Send any private information over a public network unless using a secure site.

Scope of Wi-Fi  In few more years all electronic devices are going to have a built in Wi-Fi.  Many colleges and businesses have suitable building layouts that can be wireless to build a unwired network. .  Wi-Fi is a very cost effective alternative in these environments.

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