TERM PROJECT Advertising – Fall 2011 Evaluating Effective Advertising The Six Facets Model of Effective Advertising Emoti

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Objective To critically analyze the ad-campaign for an established FMCG brand, whether local or MNC, using the “Six Facets Model” of advertising effectiveness to evaluate its strengths/ weaknesses. The campaign selected should either be currently in use, or should have been aired within the last 1 year, Scope The ‘Term Report’ shall be developed from an overall Marketing Mix perspective, but should focus mainly be on Advertising. It should be adequately supported with specimens of current advertising (and any change proposed), and completed in Word format as well as a PowerPoint presentation. Structure and Format The following structure is recommended for the report (Word Format). However, any reasonable deviation to make the report more comprehensive or meaningful will be acceptable. 1) CAMPAIGN SUMMARY: Brief introduction specifying brand, campaign title, media, timing (when last run) or budget (if available). 2) MARKET SITUATION ANALYSIS – Short introduction of market/ brand category, growth trend, competitive activity, level of maturity etc; 3) COMPANY INTRODUCTION - Size (‘large’, ‘medium’, ‘small’), industry & product/ service category, core competencies, brands/product portfolio; 4) HIGHLIGHTS OF SELECTED BRAND – Brief descriptions/ strengths of Marketing Mix elements; 5) BRAND MARKETING STRATEGY – Stage of life-cycle, identity, positioning;

TVC (optional). 2010 . highlight ‘execution considerations’ – include sample Print ad/ Poster.  Presentation: 20% EW/ October 21. 7) THE WAY FORWARD: • NEW CAMPAIGN SUGGESTION: Identify BIG IDEA. digital banner (optional). OR • CONTINUATION OF CAMPAIGN – specify reasons including BIG IDEA. effectiveness evaluation against SIX FACETS. likely impact! Submission of Term Project:  Report/ Presentation: 2 weeks before Final Exams. communication (copy/ visual) strategy.  Analysis: 30%. executional aspects. overall assessment (success or failure). media mix.6) CAMPAIGN SUMMARY: Target audience. Allocation of Marks  Content: 50%. radio spot (optional).

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