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Multimedia Presentations – Tutorial/Demo

Name ___________________________ Topic _________________________
Criteria Points Your Points

Tutorial Subject Content
Subject showed a good technique that other students could use. 10-15 Subject contained some new info, minor adjustment to class lecture 5-10 Nothing “new” was demonstrated. Just repeated information covered in class. 0-5


Presentation Content
Presenter was well prepared and knowledgeable of their chosen flash effect or technique. Presenter had some problems explaining or demonstrating their chosen topic. Presenter wasn’t prepared and wasn’t able to explain or demonstrate their chosen topic. 0-5




Presentation Content
Presentation was easy to follow and understand. 10-15 Overall understandable – some minor adjustment needed. 5-10 Used Flash as Presentation Tool Use of Tweens/Flash Tools to Assist Explanation File/Asset Management Presented/Turned in on Time Total Points Comments Presentation poorly planned and executed. Needs major work.


0-5 25 10 10 15 100